Premier League wages more than La Liga and Serie A combined


The Premier League has the reputation of being the world’s most glamorous and attractive league and there is evidence to back that claim. It has now been revealed in Deloitte’s annual review of football finance that English Premier League clubs paid more to their players than clubs from Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A combined.

La Liga paid out £977m while Serie A spent £986m on wages in 2014-15 while Premier League paid close to £2billion in the same period.

These salaries are only going to soar further when the Premier League’s new TV deals kicks in this summer which is going to be absolutely massive and comes as a big boost to smaller clubs as well. Every match shown on UK TV next season will earn the league almost £10m.

England’s top division incomes have been ahead of the other leagues for many years now but the difference this year shows the gap is more than just sizeable. The 2014-15 numbers show the Premier League’s 20 clubs earned £3.3billion in that period, which is way ahead of second placed Bundesliga, with an income of £1.8billion.

Income for the English clubs will be around £3.7bn for the recently concluded season and is expected to be close to £4.5bn next season which effectively means that the Premier League clubs next season’s average revenue would be near £220m and the salary bills could be around £2.5billion.

This will only continue to grow, but the new Deloitte report indicates that clubs can afford to pay their players the massive sums as the Premier League proved to be the most profitable league for the second consecutive season as 17 out of 20 clubs posted profits.

 ‘The pace of football’s financial growth in two and a half decades is staggering,’ says Dan Jones of Deloitte.

‘By half-time of the second televised Premier League game next year, more broadcast revenue will have been generated than during the whole of the First Division season 25 years ago. particularly reassuring to see that clubs are looking to spend on improving stadia and infrastructure.’

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