Ooh Aah Berbatov?

Well that was crazy wasn’t it? I mean from the joy of watching United storm into a two goal lead to the despair of watching Liverpool pull two goals back in the space of six minutes to the sheer ecstasy of Dimitar rising high to head United 3-2 in front, and with lessons learnt from Fulham and Everton and earlier in this game, United were never going to throw it away!

For the last two years I’ve been trying my best to keep everyone on Berbatov’s side, I don’t know how many arguments my brother and I had over him, our last was the pre-season game against League of Ireland XI, my brother started mocking Berbatov because he couldn’t score against them, I snapped, told him to shut up and that Berbatov will prove him wrong.

So I have never been so nervous before a season as I’ve been for this one, I’m not a religious man, but I often found myself nearly turning to God to try ignite a run of good form for Berbatov. I guess he can read my thoughts too because he has started the season in sensational form and was United top scorer going into the game, and just in time to I might add with a certain Wayne Rooney not anywhere near his best.

Despite the good start I still had nerves before the game, a lot of his criticism towards the big Bulgarian has been that he doesn’t produce it in the big games, and I felt if he didn’t perform against Liverpool, his critics would come flying back.

When he scored to put United in front right before half time I thought “that’s great, that’s his goal for today” I never imagined that he would then go on to score 2 more, one of which is an early contender for goal of the season.

When he scored the second I went into shock, it took me a good few seconds to realise that what I had just witnessed actually happened, it was one of the greatest goals I have ever witnessed, and the minute after we celebrated my dad turned to me and said: “Berbatov for a hat-trick” and with the adrenaline pumping through my body I agreed, until that is Liverpool somehow managed to get two goals back.

Last week people could argue that Everton deserved to draw against United, but Liverpool couldn’t post the same argument, and when Roy Hodgson afterwards said that Liverpool played well just showed how bad Liverpool are at the moment. Liverpool had two shots on target and got two goals, so if they managed to keep the score-line at 2-2 it would have been an injustice to the game!

So when Berbatov headed United into lead with six or seven minutes even the most loyal Liverpool supporters couldn’t have complained, justice has been served, and the waiter…Dimitar Berbatov!

So all fellow Berbatov’s lovers who have been backing him up for the last two years rejoice, I even heard one Berbatov hater say: “if he scores a hat trick all will be forgiven” so it looks like our days of backing him up are over, he’s doing it himself now!

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