Michael Johnson take up yoga to beat injuries

Serial sicknote Michael Johnson has turned to yoga in a bid to put his injury problems behind him. The Manchester City midfielder has never played more than ten consecutive games in one season for the club since making his debut two years ago.

The 20-year-old has been plagued by a pelvic problem throughout his fledgling career and has turned to the ancient Hindu/middle-aged woman past-time in a bid to overcome the injury. Manager Mark Hughes said: “For quite some time now, he has had pain and irritation from that area which at times has really hampered him – and on other occasions he has been able to manage.

“Everything is geared to getting Michael fit and well and being able to play and managing the level of pain that he is having at the moment. We hope the breaks in the season for internationals will allow us to take him out of the firing line somewhat.”

We might just have the perfect teacher for him!

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