Liverpool FC: The Reds Will Finish in the Top 4

Before culling through their players ahead of the August 31 transfer deadline in the game of divide and conquer, Liverpool FC had exhibited more diligence than any other club to pull themselves together and prove they still subsisted since the start of last year’s 2010 – 2011 Premier League season.

As if caught inside the virtual world of a video game, the team had to dodge obstacles from poor management to impenetrable opposition until they leveled up their mission with the arrival of game controller Kenny Dalglish.

Missing out on the Champions League this year had to hurt, and was the result of their own version of regional lockout. But the good news is that some game pieces have been replaced in the shapes of Craig Bellamy and Luis Suarez (and with one faulty recall called Steven Gerrard who is about to be fixed.)

Bellamy’s return ushers in more than the liminal state of his past existence at Anfield (his off-the-pitch rages mixed with his on-the-pitch short-lived scoring tear) but the same nostalgia and loyalty that brought Dalglish back. It’s hard to fake dedication.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Bellamy reflected that “Liverpool, I supported as a kid. It’s great to see Dalglish there now, that’s given me a boost.”

Then there’s the Suarez and Carroll platform which allows the game to operate optimally.

Like an army of two, the strikers were recruited to land Liverpool a finish in the top four. With previous top spot clubs like Chelsea, whose concern amongst fans is their aging players, and Arsenal, whose concern amongst fans is their aging manager, the feat to defeat seems more plausible with each weekly match. If any striker could avert the force and maneuver around the opponent’s defense, it is the Red’s new no. 7.

As within the definition of any core game, football is measured by its intensity, and revolves around titles.

Hopefully there won’t be any glitches to dis-console us.

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