Did Pep Guardiola insinuate that Manchester City are not a big club?

Pep Guardiola Man City
Pep Guardiola Man City

The Manchester City boss was expected to take the season by storm and at least have the team challenge for the title. No one expected City to be fighting for a top 4 finish at the end of the season.

To his credit, Guardiola is well aware that his team’s performances and in effect, his own performances this season have resulted in him getting the boot at most clubs. While admitting this, however, he has taken a tricky road.

“Here they gave me a second chance, and we will try to do it,” he said. “In my situation at a big club, I’m sacked. I’m out. Sure. Definitely. At the clubs, I worked at before I am not here [for the following season], but here we have a second chance, and we will try to do it better than this season”.

This is indeed the Spaniard being grateful for getting another chance to prove himself and get City the regular trophies everyone expected after his appointment. However, his wording can get him in trouble, especially with fans.

The 45‑year‑old claimed that the results were not due to England being a tougher country to play in than Spain or Germany. He said, “They (the poor results) are not a consequence of it being tougher. The results are not the reason why. Every club is different; every manager is different. Football is 11-v-11, the same pitch. Of course in every country, the weather conditions are different, the referees, it can be more physical.

“But it’s the same with football everywhere when Chelsea won it’s because they played better, more consistent. But I’m here to [be] helped so maybe you can tell me why it’s so special. You English guys – why is it so special? I’m not from here; I don’t know the answer.”

City have struggled from an inconsistent campaign. They have been unable to keep up with Chelsea and Tottenham. While Guardiola’s team could finish the season in third place, a reasonable achievement in his first season, a failure to win both of their remaining matches could also see them fail to qualify for the Champions League for the first time since 2010.

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