Spurs vs Geordies vs Mancs – who are the most delusional fans?

Tottenham fans are dreaming of overtaking Arsenal, Newcastle fans are dreaming of the Champions League and West Ham fans are dreaming of … welll, anything better than the nightmarish last season.

Then you have Chelsea fans dreaming of winning their title back, Manchester City fans dreaming that Eriksson is actually going to help them win something, Sunderland fans dreaming that Keano will take them to Europe, Manchester United fans dreaming of retaining the title and Liverpool fans dreaming of stealing it from them.

For the love of god, it’s just early July – can we wait till August at least and see all the signings? Not that it would matter anyway, but still.

So let’s see now – what is the craziest delusion of them all?

You’ve got 3 choices:

  • Newcastle United hitting top 6?
  • Tottenham in the Champions League?
  • Manchester United winning the Champions League next season?

Take your pick, and tell us why in the forum.

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