Can We Please Just Stick to the Football for Flocks Sake?

How long will it take before employees of Manchester United fathom the club is King and they mere pawns? I fear the answer is ‘longer than they’ll be afforded’.

Public conduct will forever be a subjective topic, but for me, a players behaviour is no business of mine. It should however be of paramount importance to the club that pays his wages. Why should they stand by and watch their assets drag their name through the mud to satisfy the blood thirsty media and the ever flocking fickle fan.

Clubs don’t just hire the modern day footballer to play football, oh no. He’s hired to sell shirts, attract sponsors, satisfy premium paying hospitality guests and lure a constant stream of merchandise hungry foreign tourists into it’s megastore.

It’s a fact that Manchester United held a meeting recently where the first team were informed that their conduct on Twitter was under surveillance. The Reserves were also warned and the Academy players were ordered to refrain from using the site altogether until further notice.

The cause of the meeting was thought to be Ravel Morrison’s misguided remark the day after the clubs prestigious awards ceremony.

Twitter Incidents:

Ravel Tweeted “What a load from last nights awardss well done tunnerz tho appart from dat – Shit”

That came just days after Wayne Rooney had been lured by @sam-oldham-LFC into taking the bait on offer. “Rooney ya fat whore ill smash ya head in with a pitchin wedge an bury ya with a ballast fork ya fat ugly lil nonse” he wrote.

Rooney quickly retorted “I will put u asleep within 10 seconds hope u turn up if u don’t gonna tell everyone ur scared u little nit. I’ll be waiting” and suddenly the mundane public indulged in some excessive overhyping and again the player was dragging the clubs name through the mud.

It’s impossible to escape the fact that we’re also currently watching a real life soap opera unfold elsewhere within the team. That story looks destined to diminish the achievements and the image of Mr You Know Who, and where did that story eminate from…?

Then there’s Darron Gibson. He opens a Twitter account, he gets dogs abuse for two hours then shuts down his account.

Rio Ferdinand, the self proclaimed ‘King of Twitter’ has for weeks bombarded over a million peoples timelines with petty nonsense about Piers Morgan’s alledged ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ as they’re called and that soon became very very tedious.

It’s not acceptable for the England national team to travel to Spain and recieve vile racial abuse but it’s ok to publicly browbeat a fellow user in front of millions of viewers? #hypocrite

The latest revelation is that @rioferdy5 appears to think it’s acceptable to send a private message via Twitter to a journalist who, to Ferdinands disgust, has made it public to the Twitfam (Ferdinands pet name for his Twitter followers). “you fat prick…” the message began……..Are you really that surprised, Rio? And what is it with other peoples weight?

Ferdinand continued “u got something to say about me missing a drugs test say it when u see me.”

Now excuse me for thinking this, but it strikes me there’s an element of immaturity going on here, not to mention unthinkable niavete.

It’s my own opinion that @OllieHoltMirror is a pompous twat but since making the DM (private message) public, he’s been castigated by United fans who mostly support Ferdinand’s actions, whereas fans of opposing teams are unsurprisingly queueing up to pour sympathy over Holt.

Personally, I don’t care for pinning my colours to a single party as support because it just doesn’t matter, they’re both acting like utter buffoons anyway (although Rio did start it!!!).

What’s Important?

What I DO care about though is Manchester United. Its employees come and go, and very few do more for the club than they do for themselves. Some, both past and present, have displayed a certain distain for the club that’s left a bitter taste in the mouth that will never be washed away – Eg: Rooney October 2010. Ferdinand July 2005/Sep 2003. I just wish MY club meant as much to them as it does to me.

How can this incredible platform [Twitter] that offers so many fantastic possibilities between fan and player, be shamefully abused by people who should know better. If I was paid anywhere in the region of what they take out of MY club every week then I’d be extraordinarily careful not to harm the chances of that continuing. Seems to me that unless these players quickly establish the difference between what TO say and what NOT to say, the more time they’ll be gifted to embrace the format. If they don’t, and I’m of the opinion it’s already too late, they risk being shut down completely. Thus destroying what was/is potentially the most auspicious and valuable link between the now untouchable superstar and the flock of following mugs.

Let’s just stick to the football hey lads? I don’t give a shit about Rio burping his latest addition or which act on Britain’s Got Talent Wayne Rooney finds the most exciting, but at least they’re not offensive. How’s about having a conversation about football at some point? #besensible #pleasedon’tspoilit


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