Take your seats, the Barclays Premier League is back!


The Premier League has seen many spectacular opening day moments – goals, thrashings, title challenge markers and fantastic debuts that linger in the memory for months to come.

Then there are the true stand-out performances that make you sit up and take notice – the stuff bottled up in highlight reels and sold around the world to further the Premier League’s global reach. The moments that you will remember forever – a goal, a hat-trick, a moment of passing genius, a miraculous save, a mind-boggling off-the-pitch incident.

Over the years the Premier League has had a unique unifying effect for it’s viewers – we’ve experienced the highs and lows through a shared consciousness. For fans that experience is more physical, but for the TV viewers it is just as real.

Every summer we wait for what seems like forever for these moments, but now the waiting is almost over. Now is the time for expectation.

Will Louis van Gaal and Manchester United compete with Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City? Will Arsenal add to their recent success and mount a serious title challenge? Who will make it to Europe? Will Everton surprise us again? Which team is this season’s dark horse?

At this stage we don’t have the answers; we just have the hope, excitement, and anticipation of knowing that something special is just around the corner.

So start dreaming, start believing and take your seats. It’s about to begin.

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