Tiger Woods Net Worth, Career Earnings & Endorsement Deals: Woods’ Is Officially A Billionaire

Tiger Woods Golf
Tiger Woods Golf

As the single most recognisable and talked about golfer of all time, here at SportsLens we have decided to take an in-depth look at the career of Tiger Woods. This includes Woods’ net worth, career earnings and endorsement deals.

Tiger Woods Net Worth Estimated At Over $1 Billion

Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. He is certainly in the Top 2, alongside the great Jack Nicklaus, who won 18 major championships throughout his illustrious career.

Tiger’s last major win was when he won the green jacket at The Masters back in 2019 with his remarkable triumph, which goes down as one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of sport.

Woods’ has been unable to seriously compete in many majors since then due to his horrific injuries which have seemingly halted his golf career. However, he is injury free and looks to return to competition in 2024 more regularly.

Here at SportsLens we have decided to take an in-depth look at Tiger Woods’ net worth, career earnings and endorsement deals. According to Forbes, Tiger Woods’ net worth is estimated to be in the region of $1.1 billion.

The 48-year-old is worth an absolute fortune and has won a serious amount of money in the 28 years he has been a professional golfer. 82 PGA Tour wins and 15 major championships will of course have helped that a lot.

Forbes now estimates his net worth to be at least $1 billion, based on his lifetime earnings, making him one of just three known athlete billionaires. The others are NBA superstars LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Not bad company at all for the great Tiger Woods.

Since winning his maiden golf tournament way back in 1996 the year he turned professional, Tiger has earned hundreds of millions of dollars. More about Woods’ career earnings later in this article.

Woods’ net worth has been heavily enhanced throughout his career through ventures off the golf course too. His two main earners off the golf course come from real estate and endorsements. Again, more on this later.

The 15-time major champion has won so much money in his career that it is almost meaningless at this stage. However, he most certainly has the hunger and drive to succeed and wants to win every golf tournament he plays in.

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Tiger Woods Career Earnings

Year Earnings
2024 N/A
2023 $189,560
2022 $15,043,500
2021 $8,064,200
2020 $2,468,038
2019 $3,304,615
2018 $5,566,341
2017 $107,000
2016 N/A
2015 $551,098
2014 $508,275
2013 $8,703,439
2012 $6,649,825
2011 $1,940,238
2010 $2,090,479
2009 $10,748,163
2008 $5,875,000
2007 $12,217,052
2006 $11,291,563
2005 $10,870,524
2004 $6,925,472
2003 $7,373,413
2002 $7,537,625
2001 $6,846,111
2000 $10,188,321
1999 $6,816,585
1998 $2,241,117
1997 $2,376,833
1996 $906,171

Figures courtesy of pgatour.com

The great Tiger Woods has won 82 PGA Tour events and 41 European Tour events, which of course includes 15 major championships. Since turning professional back in 1996, Tiger Woods has continued to earn huge sums of money as his career has progressed.

He won his first ever event the same year he turned pro, as well as capturing his first major championship in 1997 at the Masters. Forget off the course earnings for a minute, purely just on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods has earned $120,954,766 per PGA Tour.

To have earned over $100 million purely on the PGA Tour is quite astounding. Not to mention the fact he of course has earned millions on the likes of the European Tour too. Despite triumph, injury, scandal, failure and triumph again having filled the intervening years, Woods has amassed a serious amount of money throughout his career.

The career earnings don’t stop there for the great man. Although his official pay-outs are somewhere in the region of $120m, Woods has actually won almost $40 million more than that in unofficial pay-outs from the PGA Tour and golf in America. This means his career earnings, not including on the European Tour, are likely to be closer to $160 million, rather than $120m.

Through all of his hardships and personal issues, Woods has maintained his supremacy as one of the top-earning athletes in the world.

The 1975-born golfing great has raked in over $1.7 billion in endorsements, salary and other incomes over the course of his 28-year career. This is more than anyone else Forbes has tracked.

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Tiger Woods Endorsements & Sponsorship Deals

Tiger Woods Golf

One of Tiger Woods’ main revenue incomes throughout his entire career has come through endorsements. As soon as Woods turned professional back in 1996, he has been a Nike athlete ever since. The bulk of Woods’ fortune comes from surreal sponsorship deals with more than a dozen brands.

Some of these include Gatorade, Monster Energy, Rolex and TaylorMade. Of course, Nike remained his biggest backer and have done since the outset of his career over 27 years ago. However, that partnership between Nike and Woods has now come to a natural end.

When Woods originally signed his deal with Nike back in 1996, it was worth $40 million over a five year period. According to Essentially Sports, Tiger’s next contract came in 2001, which was more than double his initial contract.

Tiger’s third Nike deal came in 2006 and ran until 2013. He then signed an extension and is still with Nike to this day. His current sponsorship deal with Nike is estimated to be worth around $200 million.

Back in 2013, Woods’ agent said, “We’re comfortable with where we ended up and the career trajectory that Tiger will be on with Nike.”

Now though, Tiger will sport his own clothing and lifestyle brand called Sun Day Red. At a recent news conference in LA, Woods said the new offering, in collaboration with TaylorMade Golf, marks a new milestone in his career.

All of these sponsors, along with his earnings on the golf course are all huge factors in the growth of Woods’ net worth. There is no golfer who has made anywhere near the type of money Tiger has, and probably never will be. Period.

Woods’ closest challenger is his good friend and fellow Nike athlete, Rory McIlroy. Even at that though, the Northern Irishman still has a long way to go to reach anywhere near the wealth levels of Tiger Woods.

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