Suarez shows interest in moving to Bayern Munich


Luis Suarez came from Ajax at a time when Liverpool fans hadn’t fully recovered yet from the heart-break suffered after losing Fernando Torres to Chelsea. He came and just conquered. And within a short time he duly earned the status of a hero.

But players come and players depart; the club remains. That is the only harsh truth one has to accept in football, but don’t try to preach that moral precept to any football fan for whom players are more than just heroes. They are demi-gods.

Suarez would listen offers from Bayern Munich

After going through a stormy phase last season, where his reputation has been smudged for all wrong reasons, he has found his mojo back this term. With 24 goals to his name, he almost single handedly carried the Reds back to the place where they aspire to.

He signed a long term contract last year and has always said inspirational lines about this club. However, the fear was always there. The same fear that took Torres and other stars away from Anfield in recent years.

If any big clubs show interest in him and are ready to offer huge dosh, can the club refuse? Most importantly can Suarez refuse?

Suarez’s recent comments will again strike that fear that haunted the Scousers few years back. The Uruguay international was quoted in the press:

“If Bayern Munich makes an offer I would certainly be willing to listen and think about it. It doesn’t mean I will definitely leave, it just means that I will not automatically reject other clubs.”

Pep Guardiola has targeted him as the number one priority when he takes charge of Bayern Munich in the summer. But, that’s not the only reason why the link has some foundation to it. Suarez is represented by Media Base Sports management, a company owned by Pere Guardiola, the brother of future Munich manager.

The point is, can Suarez be blamed if he moves elsewhere in the summer? Of course, he wants Liverpool to get back into Champions League, but if the club fails to do it (which is very likely) won’t he have the right to think about his future?

He has established himself as a star on the international stage but he wants to succeed in European arenas as well.

The way he is going, one can expect him to add another 10-12 goals by the end of the season. He is already been noticed and will get further attention from here on.

Offers from top clubs like Bayern don’t come each and every season which could prompt him to take necessary decisions about his future. To be fair to him, he has every right to pursue a better career elsewhere, if opportunity comes his way.

In any way, he is not born and bred in Liverpool, so expecting high levels of loyalty and allegiance are bit farcical. Liverpool fans can only hope that the club clinch the Champions League spot and he stays on, otherwise dark fears are bound to haunt in four months’ time.

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