Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama had 10 blocks in his second career triple-double with San Antonio

Victor Wembanyama Spurs pic
Victor Wembanyama Spurs pic

At 11-43, the San Antonio Spurs have the worst record in the Western Conference. Their team simply doesn’t have the same star talent as other rosters around the league. San Antonio was incredibly lucky to get the #1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. They were able to select Victor Wembanyama who’s the runaway favorite to win Rookie of the Year. 

The seven-foot-four big man has taken the league by storm this season. Victor Wembanyama is an incredibly unique player and there is no one else like him in the NBA. On the road on Monday vs. Toronto, Wembanyama recorded his second career triple-double. However, the 20-year-old did not get it the traditional way. Wemby had 10 blocks in a 122-99 win vs. the Raptors. An incredible performance as he continues to have a fantastic rookie season.

Victor Wembanyama has 10 blocks in his second career triple-double with the Spurs

It’s been an incredible rookie campaign so far for San Antonio’s Victor Wembanyama. The 20-year-old is averaging a double-double and is leading the NBA with (3.2) blocks per game. Calling him a top-three defender in the league is not an understatement. Wembanyama proved that last night in an incredible performance vs. the Raptors. In just 29 minutes played, Wemby had 27 points, 14 rebounds, 10 blocks, five assists, and two steals. Just a dominant performance from the rookie.

If the Spurs can find a way to build around Victor Wembanyama, the potential for their team is limitless. Wembanyama can take over a game single-handedly. However, he cannot do that every single night. The rookie is still dealing with a minute restriction. San Antonio knows how valuable Wembanyama is and they don’t want to risk losing him to a long-term injury. They’ll do whatever has to be done to keep Wemby on the court.

As the 15th seed in the West, the Spurs need to turn their season around quickly if they want to make the playoffs. Chances are they will miss the playoffs in 2023-24. San Antonio can still build off this season and rebuild their roster. Taking one season to truly see what Wembanyama can do was a smart move. It would have made no sense to just go out and sign players who you’re not sure will play well with the #1 overall pick. They will have an entire season of Wembanyama playing to decide what type of players San Antonio wants to target next year.

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