Moriah Mills and Ahkeema ‘Rose’ Twitter Feud Overshadows NBA Star Zion WIlliamson’s Baby Joy


New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson’s joyous anticipation of fatherhood has been marred by salacious online allegations from adult entertainer Moriah Mills. The bliss surrounding Williamson’s recent announcement of girlfriend Ahkeema’s pregnancy was quickly overshadowed by claims from Mills, who declared intimate involvement with the NBA player.

Ahkeema/’Concrete Rose’ vs. Moriah Mills

Ahkeema, also known as ‘Concrete Rose,’ is a rising star on social media. She boasts over 32,000 Instagram followers, attracted by her modeling work and compelling video content. She recently launched into the limelight with a gender reveal party for her baby with Williamson, which was met with a surge of digital applause.


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Simultaneously, controversy was brewing as Mills, an adult film actress and OnlyFans model, took to Twitter to disclose supposed amorous exploits with NBA star Williamson. As she candidly detailed her alleged relationship, including supposed Snapchat chats about moving to New Orleans, the web was ablaze.

Even more shocking were her implications of a potential pregnancy, adding another layer to this unfolding saga.

Ahkeema, however, was not to be silenced. In response to Mills’ accusations, she fired back a Twitter retort that suggested she was disregarding the allegations. Yet Mills, known for her tenacious nature, didn’t back down, maintaining her position in this unfolding feud.

Zion Williamson Yet to Publicly Respond

Throughout the drama, Williamson’s silence has been deafening. As the spotlight shines on his personal life, his primary focus seems to remain on impending fatherhood.

Adding fuel to the fire, Mills recently claimed she was being threatened by Ahkeema’s family. In a series of tweets, she called on Williamson to intervene, making serious accusations of harassment. In contrast, Ahkeema cheekily referred to herself as the “most hated baby mama” on social media, hinting at the disdain resulting from this contentious episode.

Off the court, Williamson has been grappling with repeated injuries, sidelining him for a significant portion of the recent NBA seasons. The athlete’s efforts to get back in shape amidst criticism over his weight have also drawn attention. Now, with Mills claiming she was the driving force behind his fitness journey, his fans are questioning the true story.

The intertwining narratives of Ahkeema, Moriah Mills, and Zion Williamson have captivated an audience far beyond the basketball court. As the world watches this intriguing drama unfold, it is clear that Williamson’s life, both on and off the court, has the power to spark interest and ignite conversation.

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