See Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain Transition Ahead of UFC 296 Lightweight Fight Against Tony Ferguson

paddy 'the baddy' pimblett
paddy 'the baddy' pimblett

Ahead of his fight with Tony Ferguson at UFC 296, we have taken a deep dive and in-depth look at the Paddy Pimblett weight gain transition from when he is in and out of training camp. It’s fair to say that Paddy Pimblett’s weight fluctuates rather alarmingly!

Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain Ahead of UFC 296

Paddy Pimblett faces the toughest test of his career on Saturday night, as he faces UFC veteran Tony Ferguson on the main card at UFC 296.

Nicknamed ‘Paddy The Baddy’, Pimblett goes into the bout as the favorite with the best UFC betting apps, and is expected to perhaps even land a Top 15 ranking in 2024, if he is to beat ‘El Cucuy’.

This is Pimblett’s first fight in over a year, having recovered from a lengthy injury and rebuilding his body after surgery. In the past, Paddy Pimblett has been renowned for gaining substantial amounts of weight when he is out of camp.

As you can see in the video below on the @PaddyTheBaddyUFC YouTube channel, the 28-year-old has been in training camp for quite some time and looks in tip-top shape ahead of his slot on the UFC 296 pay-per-view.

The Liverpool fighter is known for his weight fluctuating massively depending on whether he is fighter or not, but in a recent interview the UFC lightweight contender revealed that he is done with the weight gain antics:

“People on the outside, they don’t see what we have to do to make weight. I’ve said it before, I actually am going to try and keep my weight down. I’ve never actually tried to do it before.

“I’ve just ballooned up after every fight and eaten 8,000 calories a day. Now I probably won’t do that,” Pimblett said in a recent interview with SLOTHBOXX about his weight gain and constant body transformations.

Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain Leads To 50-Pound Weight Cut

Although Paddy Pimblett’s weight gain ahead of UFC 296 seems to have been more controllable, in the past he has gain over 50-pounds in weight (see video below).

Despite fighting in the lightweight division (155-pounds), Pimblett has previously revealed how he sometimes would balloon up to 205-pounds after fights, due to his love of unhealthy junk food and binge eating habits.

As you can see below, for his fight in December 2022 on UFC 282, Pimblett has to lose over 50lbs in weight, in order to get into fighting shape. He still went on to win the fight, but massively underperformed. This could be one of the main reasons why he has controlled his weight better in 2023.

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WATCH: Previous Paddy Pimblett Weight Gains

As you can see in the below videos, Paddy Pimblett’s weight is massively different in each one, despite only being a few weeks or months apart. For example, the below video on his YouTube channel reacting to UFC 285, the thumbnail indicates that Pimblett is out of shape due to his weight gain.

UFC President Dana White has previously said that it is bad for Pimblett and bad for the UFC if ‘The Baddy’ gains excess amounts of weight and gets fat when out of training camp.

Furthermore, in the other videos below, you can see that Pimblett’s weight massively fluctuates due to his eating habits. Excess amounts of calories and an unhealthy diet away from training camp are all reasons why Paddy Pimblett’s weight gain happens so drastically.

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