Dana White Teases Pereira vs Jones UFC Clash: ‘People Want To See It’

Alex Pereira & Jon Jones
Alex Pereira & Jon Jones

Following UFC 303 this weekend, Dana White was asked if he could ever see a heavyweight bout between Jon Jones and Alex Pereira – with the UFC CEO not ruling out the blockbuster clash.

Dana White Teases Pereira vs Jones

The UFC world watched on at the weekend as Alex Pereira easily dismantled Jiří Procházka in the second round at UFC 303, with a brutal kick to the head leaving his Czech opponent spinning on the floor.  

A comfortable win for ‘Poatan’ takes the Brazilian’s record to 11-2-0 in the UFC, with many fans dreaming of a clash between Pereira and arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the octagon Jon Jones.

After defending his light heavyweight title last weekend, Alex Pereira would likely move up to the heavyweight division to take on Jon Jones, who weighs in nearly 50lbs heavier than the Brazilian phenomenon.

Dana White couldn’t rule out a future clash between Pereira and Jones following UFC 303, saying: “I’m standing up there with the belt and I had Joe Rogan in my ear the whole time we were up there, ‘Let him fight heavyweight. Come on. Just do it.’

“I know that’s what people want to see.”

But when it came to discussing who would win the bout, Dana White didn’t mince his words: “This is the problem with the conversation that we’re having here and why people aren’t giving Jon Jones the respect for pound-for-pound,” White said.

“This f******* guy destroyed the best heavyweight in the division. He easily made it look like nothing. Jon Jones is the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world and the greatest fighter f****** ever. Period. End of story.”

Jon Jones hasn’t fought since beating Ciryl Gane in March 2023, with his return to the octagon repeatedly delayed thanks to different injuries.

Dana White wouldn’t rule out a future blockbuster bout between Pereira and Jones, but he did say that he wanted Pereira to take on a few more light heavyweights before moving up a weight class.


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