Joe Fournier Net Worth, Career Earnings, Business Ventures & Endorsements: ‘Badass Billionaire’ Boasts $130M Fortune

Joe Fournier Boxing 1 1
Joe Fournier Boxing 1 1

Having earned millions of dollar throughout his career in business and as an entrepreneur, Joe Fournier is certainly a rich man. Fournier has made millions as a business tycoon, as well as earning his fair share inside of a boxing ring too.

In this article we will take a deep dive into the career of Joe Fournier. This includes studying his net worth, career earnings and business ventures too. It’s safe to say that Joe Fournier is one incredibly rich man!

Joe Fournier Net Worth

Joe Fournier is and English businessman who has made his millions through selling his fitness businesses, before subsequently moving into the nightclub industry.

In the beginning, Fournier set up his own gym in London, acting as a trainer, PR and cleaner all-in-one. Fournier grew the gym business and gained recognition as a personal trainer with a roster of celebrity clients.

Then, in 2012 Fournier sold his fitness business and studios to a FTSE 100 company. He made his money by owning the freehold to his gyms having moved into real estate almost by mistake. “It wasn’t the gyms that brought the fortune, it was that I held the Freehold leases to the properties,” he explained.

As of today, it is reported that Joe Fournier’s net worth is in excess of $130 million (source: Forbes).

Joe Fournier’s estimated net worth of $130m is largely down to his career in business and as an entrepreneur. However, he has also earned a tidy sum inside the boxing ring too. In 2015 Fournier took up boxing professionally, signing to Hayemaker Promotions.

Another reason Fournier’s net worth is so high is down to his assets. The ‘Badass Billionaire’ has a large collection of cars, as well as various other types of automobiles. As a man who made millions through real estate, it will come as no surprise to learn that Fournier also lives in a luxurious house.

He owns properties in London, Florida and Monaco – three places he spends most of his time. It is estimated that Fournier’s car collection and properties combined are worth in excess of $20 million.

This figure of $130 million is likely to grow for the Brit as his career goes on too. $130m is possibly even an under estimation of Fournier’s net worth, given the fact he claims to be a billionaire.

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Joe Fournier Career Earnings & Salary

Joe Fournier Boxing 1

Joe Fournier has earned an absolute fortune throughout his career. He has multiple revenue streams of course through his career in boxing and his various business ventures. More on his endorsement deals and entrepreneurial life later.

As previously mentioned, Fournier made his millions after selling his fitness studios and vast real estate properties to a FTSE 100 company, generating a lot of money as a holder of freehold leases to his properties. He then invested heavily into purchasing nightclubs, of which he currently owns five.

In terms of Fournier’s boxing career, both professionally and in exhibitions, Joe Fournier has earned in excess of $8 million throughout his boxing career (source: Inside Sport).

Not bad for someone who fought a load of journeymen in his professional career and an exhibition against David Haye! Not to mention his all-British clash with YouTube star and celebrity sensation KSI in 2023.

Speaking of the David Haye exhibition bout, that is Fournier’s biggest boxing purse to date in his career. It is estimated that the 41-year-old took home a purse of over $6 million for his bout with his friend and mentor, ‘The Hayemaker’ (source: The Mirror).

In terms of a salary, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much Joe Fournier earns through his various income streams. However, taking into account his boxing career as well as his entrepreneurial career, it is fair to assume that Fournier earns a minimum salary of $10 million per annum. This is of course due to his various businesses as well as his life as a boxer.

This means that all in all, Fournier’s career earnings are estimated to be somewhere in the region of $250 million.

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Joe Fournier Business Ventures & Endorsements

Although the vast majority of Fournier’s earnings came around a decade ago when he sold his fitness studios and real estate properties, he has continued to earn lucrative sums of money to this day.

These vast endorsement deals and business ventures outside the ring are a big player in boosting Fournier’s net worth and salary.

The 41-year-old of course made his millions when selling his fitness business and studios to a FTSE 100 company. He made his money by owning the freehold to his gyms having moved into real estate at the time.

Prior to selling his fitness studios, Fournier’s gym business started blooming very quickly. He worked as a personal trainer for a number of world renowned celebrities, including Madonna, David Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow to name but a few.

Fast forward to 2024 and Fournier currently owns five nightclubs. This is how he earns his money now. Currently, Fournier owns Whisky Mist, The Rose Club, Bonbonniere London, and Streaky Gin. His newest addition includes another nightclub named Bonbonniere Mikonos.

All in all, Joe Fournier earns a huge sum of money through his businesses and endorsement deals. His net worth will certainly continue to grow as his career progresses both in and out of the boxing ring thanks to his successful business ventures.

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