Official Cristiano Ronaldo Tribute from Manchester United / MUTV

Cristiano Ronaldo has polarised opinions like few others before him – as a global icon his popularity is matched by few other footballers (David Beckham comes to mind) and on the pitch he dazzles and frustrates in equal measures. Unrealistic expectations? Unfulfilled ability?

What’s certain is that he has been, over the last 3 years, the best player at Manchester United and his impact in his 6 years at the Old Trafford is unquestionable. He had a guiding hand in all 3 league titles and in our 2 Champions League finals and 1 semi-final appearance in the last three years, and he leaves the club as a modern-day legend – even if he didn’t stay long enough to be considered an all-time United legend.

Here’s the official tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo, courtesy of MUTV and YouTube:

Good luck at Real Madrid, CR – we’ll miss you.