Who Is Jon Jones’ Girlfriend? Is The UFC Superstar Still Engaged To Fiancé Jessie Moses?

Jon Jones Girlfriend and Family UFC
Jon Jones Girlfriend and Family UFC

As a two-division UFC champion and the best MMA fighter of all time, fans want to know a bit more about ‘Bones’ personal life. For example, who is Jon Jones’ girlfriend? Here is everything you need to know about the 36-year-old’s love life.

Who Is Jon Jones’ Girlfriend?

Jon Jones put on a clinical performance as he submitted Ciryl Gane in the very first round of their main event at UFC 285 last time out. The fight was one of the most hotly-anticipated fights of the year and sold-out the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although fans were interested in the actual fight, they are also curious as to who the women Jones was celebrating with in the aftermath was. That is his fiancé – Jessie Moses.

Jessie Moses and Jon Jones were high school sweethearts. They started dating in 2005 but split up soon after. Jones apparently started dating someone else after they split up, and she became pregnant with his first daughter in 2008 as a result. Jones and Moses eventually reconciled.

They had been betrothed for over a decade but had never married. Moses and their daughters resided in upstate New York, and Jones was said to divide his time between there and Albuquerque. However, it seems that Jessie Moses split up with the former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion in 2022 following his most recent arrest.

Jones took to Twitter shortly after to say: “My fiancée left me about two months ago, today she finalized that she won’t be coming back.”

However, UFC fans were somewhat surprised to see that Moses was indeed in attendance at UFC 285. Jones mentioned his fiancé in his post-fight interview, as well as sharing a kiss with her before and after the fight.

So, it seems they aren’t separated after all. Jon Jones and Jessie Moses are in fact together and just as in love as they ever have been! For now, it’s great to see that Jon Jones has both his life and career in tact.

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Do Jon Jones & Jessie Moses Have Any Children?

Given the fact they have dated since high school and are engaged, it comes as no surprise to learn that Jon Jones and Jessie Moses are indeed parents.

The pair have three children together: Leah, Carmen, and Olivia. Jones has said on numerous occasions in interviews that his kids are everything to him and are often the inspiration for him when getting into the octagon.

It is great to see that Jones has such a loving relationship with his family, including his fiancé and their three children. Jones seems to have everything in his life in order right now. He is back with his fiancé, has a great relationship with his children and is the greatest MMA fighter the world has ever seen.

Of course, the couple have had their fare share of well-documented issues in the past, but it seems they have put them behind them once and for all and are more in love than ever before. Their relationship seems healthy now which is what Jones needs.

Jessie Moses has been present at several of Jones’ UFC fights throughout his career. The 1987-born MMA superstar has been fighting in the UFC since 2008, so his fiancé will have certainly been in attendance on more than one occasion in the past.

It came as a surprise to see Moses in attendance back in March 2023 for his one round demolition job of Ciryl Gane, but this means that they are back together and have worked out whatever problems they have had previously.

UFC fans are already excited to see the greatest mixed martial artist of all time back in action soon, whenever that may be. No matter the opponent, Jones will go into the fight as the overriding favorite with the best offshore sportsbooks. He is that good. Period.

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