Can you deal with the outside interference at Manchester City?

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Six of the best quotes of the week from

1. Having John Salako do your game is worth an extra man:

“Both teams are adopting a 4-4-3 formation.”

2. Nigel Spackman tries to explain where Ryan Nelson went wrong:

“He tries to block Crouchy off and then mis-a-sighted him.”

3. Chris Kamara puts himself in the shoes of the next City manager:

“I might be able to cope with that outside interference or I might not. All that is… all that is… hindsight. It’s not hindsight is it? It’s in the future.”

4. Ray Parlour explains himself:

“At this stage of the season it’s not just about improving, it’s about getting better”

5. Kenny Cunningham spots Belhadj get his scissors out against Liverpool:

“Glen Johnson gets his pocket stolen.”

6. Not quite football, but still magnificent. Robbie Knievel bemoans the lack of top stunt men out there at the moment:

“Daredevils are a dying breed.”

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