Paul George admitted he was ‘close’ to being traded to the Warriors this offseason

Paul George Clippers pic
Paul George Clippers pic

After five seasons with the Clippers, Paul George is leaving the west coast and is heading East. The nine-time all-star signed a four-year, $212 million deal with the 76ers. George joins all-star Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid and they try and compete in the Eastern Conference. 

This offseason, there was a chance that George did not sign with the Sixers. There had been rumors that the 34-year-old was going to be traded to Golden State. On the latest edition of the Podcast P, George explained how he was “close” to being traded to the Warriors. However, the trade fell through and that allowed the Sixers to sign George. Who knows what the Warriors would have looked like with George on the team?

The Warriors would be talked about differently if they traded for Paul George

The Golden State Warriors were trying to salvage their dynasty this offseason and they almost landed the top free agent. However, Paul Geroge did not opt into the final year of his deal with the Clippers. Instead, he hit free agency and signed a deal with the 76ers. Golden State needed Geroge to opt into that final year of his deal to make a sign-and-trade happen. On his podcast, the veteran forward noted he was “close” to being traded to the Warriors.

However, Golden State was unwilling to part ways with Jonathan Kuminga according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. If the Clippers were going to give up Paul George, they wanted a young talented player in return. Kuminga fit that role but the Warriors wanted to keep their former lottery pick. Additionally, there was an opportunity for Klay Thompson to stay with the Warriors if George would have been traded. However, Thompson left this offseason and signed with the Dallas Mavericks. Putting an end to the big three of Steph Curry, Draymond, Green, and Klay Thompson.

The biggest additions for the Warriors this offseason have been DeAnthony Melton and Buddy Hield. Not exactly game-changing players for the Warriors. Paul George would have been a difference-maker if he were traded to the Warriors. However, the NBA vet hit free agency and signed with the 76ers. Golden State came close to making a trade happen. Despite their efforts, they were unsuccessful in acquiring Paul George.

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