Michael Chandler Wants To Coach The Ultimate Fighter With Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler UFC
Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler UFC

Michael Chandler has revealed that he would love to coach ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ with Conor McGregor. There have been rumours floating about that McGregor will face Tony Ferguson in his return UFC fight. However, Chandler has throw his name into the hat to be the Irishman’s opponent instead.

Chandler Wants McGregor Fight Next

Michael Chandler has thrown his name in the hat to be Conor McGregor’s next opponent. The former Bellator champion has revealed that he would jump at the opportunity to coach on The Ultimate Fighter with the Irishman before facing him in a UFC bout before the end of the year.

It looks likely that McGregor is making a return to the octagon this year, hence the speculation of opponents for ‘Notorious’. It looked yesterday like Tony Ferguson was going to be the man to face McGregor and coach The Ultimate Fighter with him. However, Chandler insists they are only rumours and would like a shot at the Irishman himself.

Chandler has revealed that he would be happy to move up to welterweight to face McGregor:

“I’m always around that 185-190 clip. So 170lb, for me, would be a dream come true. I don’t like making 155lb. The only reason I can make 155lb is just good, old-fashioned 12 weeks of diet, exercise, discipline, and a little bit of dehydration at the end, so why not do 170lb? I still think I’m bigger than Conor at this point, even with his regimen that he’s been on,” he revealed on the Believe You Me podcast with Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith.

It seems like McGregor vs Chandler would be an epic fight and a great stylistic match-up. Both men hit really hard and would be confident of beating the other man. The opportunity of being a coach on The Ultimate Fighter with McGregor is something the Missouri man couldn’t pass up.

The Tennessee resident believes that he is the best option for McGregor’s return fight and that the rumours of the former two-weight UFC champion returning against Tony Ferguson were all just social media rumours:

“I know for sure that was definitely just a tweet thrown out there to see if it gained any traction,” Chandler said regarding McGregor vs Ferguson.

“That’s been in the talks,” he added of The Ultimate Fighter. “Obviously everybody knows I would be down. Me, Conor on TUF whether it be four-six weeks or however long we’d be filming that thing. The tension, the rivalry, the competition, the trash talk, just the animosity that would be built up and then going into a training camp and then fight later on after the show.

“I want the fight. Everyone knows that. The fans want the fight, Dana has gone public saying he wants that fight, so the UFC wants the fight. I’ve actually heard from numerous UFC people that it’s the fight that people are talking about. Man, huge fight. Can you imagine the first round? Can you imagine The Foggy Dew and then my song comes on and we go out there? Just two dudes trying to finish each other in the first round. Massive.”

A fight between McGregor and Chandler is certainly one that whets the appetite. Fingers crossed Conor McGregor is back in action at some stage later this year, whether that be against Michael Chandler or not.

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