‘Full Swing’ On Netflix: What To Expect From Golf’s Documentary Series

Full Swing Netflix documentary Golf
Full Swing Netflix documentary Golf

Can Full Swing have the same impact for golf as Drive To Survive‘ did for Formula 1? The new golf documentary series airs on February 15th on Netflix. Here is what to expect from the new golf series as Netflix follows the biggest names in golf across the PGA Tour, majors and much more.

Full Swing Preview

The F1 documentary series, Drive To Survive, first aired back in 2019 and has been a breath of fresh air in the world of Formula One. Exclusive interviews, unseen footage and behind the scenes drama made Drive To Survive such a success.

Now it’s time for golf to try and do the same. Full Swing is a golf documentary series set to air on Netflix on Wednesday, February 15. Similar to F1’s Drive To Survive, all of the best golfers in the world on the PGA Tour are followed for this highly anticipated TV series.

Huge names in the world of golf such as Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Matt Fitzpatrick, Jordan Spieth, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa and Brooks Koepka are just some of the names featured in this golf docuseries.

Full Swing is a new immersive series following some of the biggest names in golf throughout the PGA Tour season, both on and off the course. The Full Swing cameras also cover all four of the men’s majors and the storyline of the power struggle involving the Saudi-backed LIV Golf circuit.

All eight episodes are available from Wednesday, February 15 on Netflix. Strap yourselves in as golf fans from all around the world get access to this highly anticipated documentary. It is certainly not to be missed.

rory mcilroy golf - travelers championship
Rory McIlroy is one of the players who will heavily feature in Full Swing

Jordan Spieth Hopeful Of Full Swing Bringing New Audience To Golf

With this golf docuseries set to air in just over a week’s time, golf fans are getting excited at the prospect of watching all of their heroes as they’ve never been seen before.

One man who features in Full Swing and is hopeful that this documentary can bring a new audience to golf is Jordan Spieth. The former world number one hopes the PGA Tour can follow in Formula 1’s footsteps with the launch of this behind-the-scenes Netflix series.

Drive To Survive was such a roaring success for the sport of F1, and Spieth is hopeful that Full Swing can do the same thing for golf. Since its debut in 2019, Formula 1: Drive to Survive received rave reviews with its never-before-seen footage and interviews. Drive To Survive certainly boosted the interest in F1, and the four-time major champion is eager to see if the golfing equivalent can bring the same interest:

“I’m an F1 fan because of Drive to Survive,” Spieth said. “I’m one of however many million Americans that it reached and went outside of your typical F1 fanbase, which was already massive and global.

“For golf to see the Drive to Survive success and then have the opportunity to be a part of trying to get out of the typical golf fanbase, kind of what [F1] did, get global with it. 250m members (approximate Netflix total) is larger than your typical who tunes in to see a round of PGA Tour golf,” added the Texas golfing superstar.

jordan spieth golf - sony open
Jordan Spieth hopes Full Swing can emulate the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive for golf

What To Expect From Full Swing

Golf fans all around the world are chomping at the bit to watch this exciting golf docuseries. Full Swing is sure to provide golf fans with an incredible insight into life as a professional golfer, as well as the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and access we will be provided with.

The opening episode of the series is titled ‘Frenemies’. This episode focuses heavily on childhood friends Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. The former Open and Masters champion is excited to share the unseen footage from all areas of his life, including both on and off the golf course.

“I had a blast,” Spieth said. “I gave access in places I don’t normally and shared a lot of it with Justin [Thomas].

“We really, really enjoyed that process of kind of giving a glimpse into what our day-to-day is, given how close we are.

“Then the [other] names that showed up in order to do it, especially this last year with how wild professional golf was. I mean, what a year to start filming! So you get that kind of access, too.

“It should have a pretty profound impact on growing the game of golf and hopefully brings more fans to the PGA Tour specifically, but it was really cool to see the majors step in as well and offer that kind of access that they don’t normally give.”

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas Golf
Childhood friends Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas feature heavily in Full Swing both on and off the golf course

‘No Brainer’ To Make This Golf Documentary Series

Following the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, documentary series director at Netflix, Gabe Spitzer, hailed it as a “no brainer” to jump into the Full Swing project once it had the support from the PGA Tour.

Once golf’s biggest tour was on board, it was all systems go for this sought after golf docuseries. Chad Mumm, chief creative officer with Vox Media Studies, is hopeful Full Swing will be just as successful as Drive To Survive and will provide golf fans with pure enjoyment and excitement:

“We were really lucky to have amazing access, not just from the governing bodies of the sports, the PGA Tour and all the majors, but from players like Jordan and his peers who let us into their lives in a way that I don’t think anyone’s ever seen before,” Mumm said.

“This will be pro golf like you’ve never seen. We’ve had cameras in places where cameras are never allowed before. We spent a ton of time with players off the course and really get a chance to get inside the world of professional golf. Get ready for a deep, new look.”

Not long now until the eight episode golf documentary series airs on Netflix. Each and every golf fan, as well as non-golf fans, are in for a treat as all of the best golfers in the world are seen in a new light.

Full Swing is not to be missed. What a year to start following golf too in what can only be described as the most incredible year for the sport. Sit back, relax and enjoy this sublime golf documentary.

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