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Arsenal fans, being arsenal fans, are blaming the recent BBC NewsNight investigation into the Arsenal-Beveren relationship as being part of a conspiracy to get David Dein voted off the FA Board. How cute…

Still, David Dein WAS voted off today, and replaced by…ahem…David Gill of Manchester United. Let’s hope this helps us win the Premiership next season, at least. Amongst the various reasons for Dein’s vote-out is also the pursuit of Scolari, although in my view that was played up more by the media than by anyone else. David Dein was a convenient scapegoat then for Scolari’s rejection of FA’s offer and the consequent embarrassment, but in truth he has been there for a long time and there will always be such allegations. It’s time to move on, so let us do that in peace.

The papers are talking about Chelsea moving for Ashley Cole again, and Milan moving for Nistelrooy. Neither move looks likely for now, although Ferguson’s silence is damning for Nistelrooy’s future. Add to that Ronaldo’s confirmation about a series of bustups with Ruud (apparently, the Portuguese winger doesn’t like to pass the ball, even on the training ground), and the picture is even more muddy. Manchester United players seem to have a gag order on them to not talk about the incident, although Ronaldo’s big mouth had to open sometime or the other.

Lyon and Marseille are after Cisse, although for me that’s still hogwash. Morientes has gone, and unless Benitez finds another striker they won’t sell Cisse. Speaking of Liverpool though, they continue to be linked with players at Valencia, with Aimar being the latest one. Where he will fit in is anyone’s guess, as he plays the same role as Gerrard’s.