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Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid – AlonsoGFX



A great Cristiano Ronaldo wallpaper wearing this season’s Real Madrid shirt, made by AlonsoGFX. It’s always nice to see artists get creative and do something different than just making it look “pretty.”

The miniature football field underneath him looks good and is also imaginative. The message is that Ronaldo owns the field, that he’s the best on it. Some nice perspective in the design as well. The bits behind Ronaldo are a bit random and maybe shouldn’t have been used. However, it doesn’t bother the eye too much.

Overall, it’s a well conceptualized football wallpaper although some polishing could help. The light background is great and works with the football shirt.

The wallpaper is 1024×768 in resolution, so it’s pretty small. However, just set the background colour on your desktop to be the grey used here, and it should look fine on bigger screens!

To download, click the image below:

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Wallpaper
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Wallpaper

What do you think about it? Comments are always appreciated!