We will soon know whether the Glazers are good or bad for Man United

Sir Alex Ferguson hates to lose. More so when his team gets outplayed. His angst was evident in the press conference as he admitted that his team had played poorly.

At the same time, Alex Ferguson doesn’t waste time agonizing or introspecting after setbacks and is known to take corrective measures without much ado.

As reported by Harry Harris on Soccernet, Fergie has realized that he hasn’t reinforced his squad sufficiently after the departures of Ronaldo and Tevez and will look to do so at the first available opportunity.

Until now, the lack of signings had led to speculations that the Glazers had refused to open their chequebook owing to the massive debt burden. Fergie had scotched such notions making it clear that he thought his squad was good enough and he didn’t need to make any big name signings. He seemed right as the Red Devils continued to make a serious challenge for both the EPL and the CL. If Fergie didn’t want new players then how could you blame the Glazers.

Now that Fergie wants to make some signings, the focus will be on the Glazers and their chequebook.

Will they or won’t they

Their action will also decide the fortunes of the Red Knights.

The American owners could shut the dissidents up for good by making the cash available for their manager.

Not doing that will swell the army of yellow and green supporters, including yours truly.

The coming summer will tell us whether having the Glazers at the helm is a good thing or not.

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