UFC President Dana White Shares Insane Body Transformation

Dana White - UFC President
Dana White - UFC President

Known for making the biggest and best fights in MMA, Dana White, the UFC President, has shared his incredible body transformation. White took to Instagram yesterday sharing his 10 week body transformation, after being given just 10 years to live by medical professionals.

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Dana White Shares Insane Body Transformation

Normally it’s UFC fighters sharing their training photos and body results, but not this week. That’s right, UFC President, the guy standing between the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir to name but a few, has taken to Instagram to share his body transformation.

After receiving shocking news that he could only have 10 years or so left to live, White made it his number one goal to change his lifestyle and become a far more healthy human being.

The 53-year-old posted a gym picture on social media platform, Instagram, in which he appears incredibly lean and ripped.

The American millionaire revealed that he has been on a ketogenic diet for the past two or three months. In the 10 weeks of intense training and healthy eating regime, White and shredded an incredible 13kg in weight.

This health transformation was necessary for White who has revealed that he was struggling to do simple tasks such as tie his shoe laces. The Ultimate Fighting Champion kingpin has also revealed he feels so good that he feels 35 again!

“I feel like I’m 35-years-old again. Swear to god, I feel like I’m 35 again,” said White on the Action Junkeez podcast.

“I lost 30 pounds, my legs were so f****d up thirteen weeks ago I couldn’t tie my shoes. No more sleep apnoea, I don’t snore, everything is gone in ten f*****g weeks.”

These changes all came after White met with 10X Health Systems consultant, Gary Brecka, who has supposedly found a way to predict when you will die, purely based of your blood and DNA samples.

Brecka informed White that he had approximately 10.4 years left to live. This shocking news made White determined to change his lifestyle, which he has done in impressive fashion.

“This was 16 weeks ago and he said to me ‘If you don’t change these things, this is your life expectancy.’ He told me everything that was wrong with me, s*** I hadn’t even told my wife.

“He says, ‘If you do everything I tell you to do for the next ten weeks it will change your life.’ I did everything he said to the letter, and I lost 30lbs.”

Of course, there have been several doubters about this method that White has tried. It has worked for White of course, but some scientists have cast doubt on the accuracy of the DNA and blood tests.

One thing is for sure, no matter what you say, there is no denying that Dana White is in incredible shape. He might only be the President of the UFC, but after sharing these pictures, you wouldn’t put it past him beating a few of his fighters. What a beast!

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