Twitter Reacts to Horrible Jimbo Fisher Play Call as Nick Saban’s Alabama Win Against Texas A&M

jimbo fisher 1
jimbo fisher 1

Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher were down four with one second left on the clock on Saturday night. They had a chance to take down the number one ranked Alabama and Fisher’s long-time nemesis, Nick Saban. But the A&M play call left Twitter scratching their heads as Alabama breathed a massive sigh of relief and secured the win.

Questionable Play Call

Down four with one second remaining, Texas A&M head coach, Jimbo Fisher was licking his chops at the prospect of pulling one over his old foe, Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Maybe he let the rivalry cloud his brain for his second. Because what followed was so bizarre it caused a Twitter meltdown from college football fans.

With the ball on the two, Fisher called some sort of horrible hitch. Even if the ball was caught, the wide receiver was short of the goal line. So the Aggies last play gave them no chance to win the game.

Tough Year

Texas A&M have struggled this season despite an the top ranked recruiting class in college football. They entered the season ranked number six. However, losses to Appalachian State and Mississippi State have put them outside the top 25.

Fisher would likely have been feeling the pressure and this one win could have kickstarted the season for the program. But that was not to be.

The Play Call

Twitter’s college football’s favorite account, @RedditCFB tweeted a tweet of the play and called it the ‘worst play call, possibly ever.’

Others also chimed in with their opinions, with our friends over at Barstool tweeting this:

Ex Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel, whose Twitter profile reads, ‘good vibes only’, was not giving off those vibes Saturday night. In a string of tweets, Manziel showed he was less than impressed with Fisher’s play call.

Some other Twitter users also made some funnies that drew a chuckle from us.

It might have been a bad loss for Fisher and Texas A&M fans, but Twitter was definitely winning on Saturday night.

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