EA Sports College Football 25 released an in-depth trailer with a breakdown of gameplay and more

EA Sports College Football 25 pic
EA Sports College Football 25 pic

This summer, a video game beloved by college football fans is returning after a long hiatus. EA Sports College Football ran from 1998-2013. The game was discontinued and fans had to patiently wait for the game to come back. For more than a decade, EA Sports College Football has been dormant. That’s changing this July. 

Today, EA Sports released an in-depth trailer of the brand new video game releasing this summer. The game is set to be released on July 19. It will be available for purchase on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S. EA Sports announced there will be three versions of the games. For $69.99, fans can buy the standard game. Their deluxe edition is $99.99 and this will include three-day early-access plus perks. The MVP Bundle is the biggest that fans can buy for $149.99. That bundle includes EA Sports College Football 25 and Madden which will released in late summer. Next, let’s take a deep dive into what was shown in the in-depth trailer.

Fans are raving over what they saw in the new in-depth trailer for EA Sports College Football 25

With the game taking a 10+ year hiatus, fans are expecting a top-notch video game. Here’s what we saw in the new in-depth trailer for EA Sports. Being introduced into EA Sports College Football 25 is an all-new “Wear & Tear” system. It’s going to simulate the natural fatigue of a player throughout a game. Hot zones for each part of the player’s body will show how susceptible a player is to being injured. Additionally, certain parts of the body will affect each player differently. The “Wear & Tear” system will make managing injuries and player rotations even more important.

EA Sports College Football 25 will have player abilities. There has to be a way for the game to show a skill gap between the best players in the country compared to a backup. With the special player abilities, the designated player will have up to eight total mental and physical abilities that will help them on the field. For example, Michigan CB Will Johnson has the special ability “Ballhawk” that gives him an improved break toward balls thrown near him.

With over 134 teams at the FBS level, EA Sports had to deep dive into each program to ensure the accuracy of the game. Each team will have their own offensive and defensive philosophies. EA wants each team’s gameplay to feel authentic. For example, Oklahoma will have wide splits, the Air Force will have the triple option, and Michigan will have a power-run game.

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