Steven Gerrard: “I’ll stay at Liverpool for life.”

Captains Fabregas and Gerrard were tapped up by the lads mag Nuts (out this week) to talk about their chances this season ahead of the big Arsenal v Liverpool clash that takes place today.

This is Gerrard’s interview with Nuts – you can read Fabregas’s piece here.

Hi Stevie! There have been a lot of rumours you and Rafa don’t get on and that he’s lost the dressing room. What’s the truth?
There’s so much rubbish said about Liverpool that I can’t keep track! Maybe it’s done to try to drive a wedge or to upset things. It won’t work – we’re as committed as ever.

So you won’t be leaving Liverpool any time soon?
I would be proud if I spent my entire career at Liverpool, so maybe I’ll quit playing when my current contract comes to an end. I’ll be 33 then and it might be a good moment to hang up the boots.

Do you ever regret turning down Chelsea when they made a move for you?
Not a bit. I did think about it when the chance was there in 2005, but Liverpool has always been my club and it just wouldn’t have felt the same playing somewhere else. You’re often faced with temptations in this game and Chelsea was one, but I’m glad it never happened.

Can Liverpool finish in the top four?
We haven’t been good enough in the first half of this season and our position in the league tells you that. We’re too far behind in the title race and that’s because the consistency we need hasn’t been there this season. It’s as simple as that. There’s no point in saying we’ve been unlucky with injuries or whatever, because we just haven’t been good enough. No excuses.

So what’s gone wrong?
I suppose everything comes down to confidence. You can have all the great players but with bad results comes a hit to your confidence and things spiral from there. It’s only in recent weeks that we’ve started to play like we can.

So what’s left for you this season?
We have to aim for fourth place and we also have everything to play for in the Europa League. We need to play almost as if we’re in the title race – and we’re more than capable of doing that.

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