Real Madrid News- Real Madrid’s Misfiring Right Wing And Mbappe’s Arrival


Real Madrid’s Misfiring Right Wing And Mbappe’s Arrival

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Real Madrid has been on amazing form this season, securing pole position on the league table as we go into the New Year. Los Blancos have secured knock-out round football in Europe and are poised to face Paris Saint-Germain in 2022.

Coach Ancelotti’s team has been so balanced, with each member of the team contributing immensely. Los Blancos only conceded 1 goal in December and also have their shooting boots on and ready to fire. All of the positions on the pitch have been occupied and Ancelotti already has his starting line-up. Immense talent like Camavinga and Valverde have to make do with the bench until they are called upon.

The only position that still seems up for grab in the Los Blancos line-up is the right wing. Real Madrid have mostly attacked down the left flank with Vinicius carrying the threats so far this season. This often leads to situations where if Vinicius is caged by the opponents, Real Madrid seem to blank. The match against Cadiz was one such game.

If Real Madrid are to become even deadlier, they will want to ensure the right flank is as deadly and as secure as the left flank. Case in point, Vinicius Jr. has contributed 21 goals in all competitions for Real Madrid this season. No Right Winger at Real Madrid has has halved that figure this season.

Rodrygo and Asensio have been top on the right wing so far this season. The Right Wing will surely be locked down with Mbappe’s arrival. This is because Mbappe is top priority for Real Madrid, and the top football betting sites predict him to score in almost every match. That would then call into question, the fates of the many talented players at Real Madrid who are available to play on the right wing.

Let us take a look at some of the Right Wing players and what their best options may be ahead of Mbappe’s arrival.

Marco Asensio 

Marco Asensio has played the most and returned the most among Right Wingers for Real Madrid this season. He has played 799 minutes and has made 19 total appearances- 15 in La Liga and 4 in the Champions League so far this season. Asensio has had a return of 6 goals and 1 assist across all competitions.

This is hardly enough input as the most prolific Real Madrid Right Winger so far this season. Mbappe’s arrival might see Real Madrid’s scorer of special goals transfer his services to Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle or any other club that might require his services.

Rodrygo Goes

Rodrygo is young and exciting. He is definitely a talent that the Madrid supporters want to see more on the pitch. However, just like Asensio, Rodrygo needs to step his numbers up. He has played 798 minutes across 20 matches- 15 appearances in La Liga, 5 appearances in the UEFA Champions League.

Rodrygo’s returns aren’t encouraging and he has just 2 goals and 3 assists so far this season. Rodrygo too will need to step up this season as Real Madrid is lacking firepower on the right flank.
When/If Kylian Mbappe moves to Madrid, Rodrygo will most likely be sent on loan if Asensio isn’t sold. That is because he is young, talented, and needs game time.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is set to round off his contract with Real Madrid and it is unlikely he will get a renewal. The last few years as a Los Blancos player have been tumultuous for him. He has had to deal with injuries and issues with Zidane, which left him frozen on the bench. However, Gareth Bale is still a lethal Right Winger when fit. He has had just 3 appearances for Real Madrid this season, all in the league. He has a total of 193 minutes played for the team with a 1-goal return.

Gareth Bale is on his way out of the club and will probably want to leave with a bang if injuries will allow him. He has not been the main person on the Right Wing since Zidane’s second spell at Real Madrid. It is unlikely that he will see much game time now. However, we can trust Bale to contribute some more when the opportunity arrives.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is a world class player. However, he is probably the biggest attacking flop in Real Madrid history. The Belgian forward has struggled to get going and has registered more injuries this season than he has goals and assist put together. He has only 1 assist and no goal in 14 appearances across all competitions. He has played a total of 600 minutes.

Hazard was initially preferred on the left wing but Vinicius Jr. soon made that position his own. Recently, Hazard has impressed with his performances and his fans hope that he will start registering goals soon.

When/If Mbappe shows up, then there would probably be no space in the team for Hazard. So, it is probably best for Eden Hazard to start thinking of a transfer move back to the Premier League or elsewhere.


Lucas Vazquez has been underwhelming for Real Madrid this season. He has played 18 games and has had 1,065 minutes across all competitions. Yet he has registered only one goal. The last match against Cadiz was particularly painful to watch as Vazquez struggled to create chances as the ball fell to him time and time again.

Vaquez is a rotation player for Real Madrid. It is unlikely he will be threatened. A loan move could also be in the works once Mbappe arrives.

My Opinion

In my opinion, if Real Madrid can get their Right Wingers firing like Vinicius Jr. is firing on the left, then there will be no stopping Real Madrid. The team is already balanced and doing well creatively and defensively. Los Blancos just needs more forwards on the Right Wing contributing so the team can be a danger from all sides of the pitch.

During the BBC (Benzema, Bale, Cristiano) era, there was no weakness in the front. Benzema was a danger upfront, Cristiano Ronaldo on the left, and Bale on the right. Real Madrid clearly want to achieve that again with their pursuit of Kylian Mbappe.

However, Mbappe will most likely not be available for Madrid until the next season. Yet if the Right Wingers can step up this season, Los Blancos can grab another UEFA Champions League title and La Liga title before Kylian Mbappe arrives.

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