Jim Schlossnagle Heavily Criticized Following His Dramatic Move To Texas

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Jim Schlossnagle is facing criticism from fans and the media for how he handles his move from Texas A&M to Texas Longhorns.

Schlossnagle says goodbye to Texas A&M

Schlossnagle has left Texas A&M after three seasons. He led the Aggies to two College World Series and he managed to secure a place in the Championship.

He went 135-62 in those three seasons with Texas A&M but never managed to break the Aggies National Championship curse. The Aggies were knocked out by Tennessee who were victorious with a 6-5 scoreline.

After the defeat, Schlossnagle decided it was time to leave Texas A&M for Baseball giants Texas Longhorns.

Schlossnagle said: “Although I know many will be upset with my decision, I chose to make a change to join a longtime friend to continue my career as a college baseball coach.

“The run to the National Championship game was truly a remarkable one this year, and I will savor the memories and true friendships I have made there for a lifetime.”

The longtime friend is no other than Chris Del Conte. Del Conte was Schlossnagle’s old boss where he coached the Horned Frogs from 2004 to 2021.

Schlossnagle’s controversy

Aggies fans and media were shocked by how poorly Schlossnagle has handled the move from Texas A&M to Texas Longhorns.

After the defeat to Tennessee, the 53-year-old snapped back at a question made by reporter Richard Zane. Schlossnagle deemed the question ‘selfish’.

He said: “I left my family to be the coach at Texas A&M. I took the job at Texas A&M to never take another job again, and that hasn’t changed in my mind. That’s unfair to talk about something like that.

“I understand you got to ask the question, but I gave up a big part of my life to come take this job, and I’ve poured every ounce of my soul in this job, and I’ve given this job every single ounce I can possibly give it. Write that.”

The Longhorns coach sympathized with Aggies fan but he claims that it’s the rivalry between the Aggies and the Longhorns which is causing a debate.

He said: “If I had left Texas A&M for some other school, in a different part of the country, the interesting text messages and messages that I got yesterday probably wouldn’t have happened. But I get it.”

Schlossnagle has since apologised for the comments and how he has handled the situation.

Schlossnagle’s Longhorns future

The Texas Longhorns believe that Schlossnagle is ready to make the big leap. In contrast to Texas A&M, the Longhorns have won 56 National Championships and 47 NCAA National Championships.

Schlossnagle does have quite the reputation. He has been two-time National Coach Of The Year, 10-time Conference Tournament Champion, 11-time regular season Conference Champion, eight-time Conference Coach Of The Year and he’s been to seven CWS.

Schlossnagle will have time to reset before the new season starts in February.

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