Manchester United lose as Manchester City go top

Last season, we all watched, laughed, elbowed each other and pointed in delight at Arsenal’s plight (own up to it guys, no one enjoyed Arsenal’s situation more than Manchester United fans).

This season though, the curse seems to have come on Manchester United, and in good conscience, I can’t do much more than own up and say that this Manchester United side isn’t doing enough to win matches.

Oh, for sure, we’re creating chances. It’s only a matter of time before Carlos Tevez finds the net, before Rooney, Saha and Anderson regain fitness, before Ronaldo comes back from his suspension.

It’s only a matter of time, right? Somehow it doesn’t feel that way.

To be fair, Vidic, Tevez, Scholes and Nani went very close, and Richard Dunne and especially Micah Richards had blinders of a game – Richards was the man of the match for me.

Some quick observations:

  • Why doesn’t Nani make runs down the wing with the ball?
  • Giggs is not Ronaldo, why did he try to take on the whole Manchester City team by himself?
  • Hargreaves did well in his debut, and Evra did quite well today as well.
  • United miss Rooney, badly.
  • Richards should start for England at center-back against Germany on Wednesday, and if he does well, he should play in the qualifiers.
  • Mancester City go top of the table and could stay there if Chelsea don’t get all their points.
  • Richards should keep playing center-back for Manchester City.

Manchester United play Tottenham at home next weekend, so maybe we’ll do something about this slide. What’s sure now is that Manchester United are on the back foot as far as the title is concerned. I have a very bad feeling about our title chances – the only consolation is that other teams are doing quite well, so Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are going to have a lot of problems winning games as well.

What are the odds on Manchester City going to Europe now? With their center-back pairing, at least they won’t be leaking goals. The main problem I find with Manchester City right now is that they are a bit light-weight in central midfield, and that will cost them a few points this season.

So what do you guys think? How do Manchester United’s chances for the title, and Manchester City’s chances for Europe, look after the first week of the Premiership?

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