FOX Will Pay Tom Brady More as an Analyst Than He Made Across His 23-Year NFL Career

Tom Brady Fox
Tom Brady Fox

Tom Brady, who recently announced his retirement from the NFL for the second time, is set to earn more as a pundit with sports broadcaster FOX than he did in his entire football career.

The legendary quarterback is hailed as the greatest ever in his position, and often the best overall player to grace the NFL, but his post-football endeavours are set to earn him an eye-watering amount of money.

Brady will join FOX Sports as their lead analyst for football coverage after announcing his retirement on Wednesday, and managing to sign the biggest name in the sport on to a 10-year contract takes a considerable sum, in what surely was a bidding war between broadcasters.

In his new position, the seven-time Super Bowl winner will earn around $375 million throughout the decade-long contract with FOX. This ultimately means that he will earn more in his new found punditry position than he did across his illustrious career, which spanned 23 years.

While representing the Patriots, and latterly the Buccaneers in his final two seasons, the three-time MVP recipient racked up $333 million in earnings as the NFL’s poster boy. However, the most he ever earned in a single year ($23m) was during his swan-song season in New England.

Throughout his time at both teams, Brady’s name was rarely found in the upper tiers of the league’s highest earners, instead opting for the franchise to dish out the money elsewhere and create a championship-worthy team to support him.

Following an announcement that he intended to retire in February of last year, he reversed the decision just 40 days later, much to the disappointment of FOX who had agreed to bring him onboard in 2022. Nevertheless, a frustrating end to a comeback season full of hope has led to a second, and this time more permanent retirement, and he will now turn his attention to covering the NFL from the studio.

“There’s so much to learn, there’s so much to teach, you know, it’s ever evolving,” Brady said on joining FOX while speaking on his ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast.

“Believe me, as much as you think I’m willing to teach people, I’m really looking to learn. I’m really looking to learn from all the people that I get to talk to. 

“I get an opportunity to be in a job in the future where I get to travel around and learn from all the other people that I’ve looked up to and admired, different organisations and different people. So it’s exciting for me too.”




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