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Agent comments on £90m Manchester United transfer



Last month when Gareth Bale got injured & missed crucial Champions League games & El Clasico, British tabloids along with the help of Catalan media, were posting all sorts of silly rumours, linking him with a potential move to Manchester United.

We don’t know why but these British tabloids seem to under-value Bale’s role at Real Madrid. That Carlo Ancelotti often wax lyrical on his importance doesn’t bear any effect on these tabloids, as they go on sprouting gibberish until they realise (or doubt they even have the grey matter to understand that) it’s becoming a laughing stock in the media.

What irks most is their angle of coverage. Any club in the world would love to have Gareth Bale in the team, and Manchester United would have been no exception to that idea, but the notion of Real Madrid willing to sell £90m Bale is not only hilarious, but also ridiculous at the same time.

Catalan press are also partly to blame here. To be honest, they have this agenda. So, on the slightest opportunity, they would not miss out the fun of unsettling their rival club, that’s how the media in Spain works.

It has got to a point, where Bale’s agent has been asked to comment on this rumour; guess what’s his reactions is – “absolute rubbish.”

“Rumors of a possible transaction with him are absolute rubbish. It is true that Gareth wants to return to the Premier in any way. Things are going well in Madrid and want to continue playing at Real Madrid,” he said.

Thanks, David Manasseh, for the clarification. No body listens to us!