Predict Liverpool’s Next Four Results

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Liverpool face Manchester United (home), Arsenal (away), Fulham (away) and Lyon (away) in their next four games – and they need a special miracle to take win all four games.

It’s not impossible though – United are not exactly the invincible beast of 07/08 and if Torres is fit he should be able to give the United backline a good scare. The Arsenal game is a Carling Cup game and it’s likely to be Liverpool’s men against Wenger’s boys as grooms the next generation of unfulfilled potential at Arsenal – not exactly the toughest game either.

Fulham are solid but if they couldn’t beat Roma at home last night, they don’t really stand a great chance of beating Liverpool.

Lyon away is the toughest of them all, especially given what’s at stake (Champions League knockout round qualification), but Liverpool have been there and have done that before – the impossible isn’t far away from their grasp, although it will take serious amounts of good fortune and miracle work from whoever takes the pitch.

By themselves, each of these games are winnable – put them all together and you really have a mountain of a task for the Reds.

Here are my predictions for the upcoming games:

Liverpool v Manchester United – draw.
Arsenal v Liverpool – Arsenal win.
Fulham v Liverpool – Liverpool win.
Lyon v Liverpool – Liverpool win.

I don’t see Rafa caring too much about the Carling Cup when the Premier League and Champions League are slipping from his grasp – although it might end up being that elusive trophy he’s lacked for several years.

Make your predictions below.

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