Nitrogen Sports Review: Safe Betting With Bitcoin

When gambling online, one of the first and most important factors in choosing your preferred site is the degree of anonymity involved. ‘Do I have to input my address, my credit card details, my dog’s name?!’

Well, the guys down at Nitrogen Sports have created a Bitcoin gambling haven; a speedy and anonymous sportbook with a whole host of different sporting events to choose from.

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The largest and most trusted Bitcoin sportsbook on the web, Nitrogen Sports has grown from its humble beginnings in 2012, into one of the major players on the circuit, catering to many different types of players, with sporting events ranging from the obvious horse-racing, football and basketball; to the lesser known martial arts events, Aussie rules, and even handball.

Their easy-to-use, sleek design segues nicely through different screen types, with the mobile and tablet version getting a revamp last year. Keeping in theme, deposits are anonymous and super-fast to go through, with accounts completely free to set up.

You can realistically have your bet placed within minutes, with no confirmations necessary once the deposit is made, of which the starting bet is as low as 0.001 BTC. Transaction fees are minuscule, and their ‘Starting Soon’ page keeps you abreast of all the latest betting events that are about to begin.

Nitrogen Sports provides phone support and have a unique built-in chat system, making this one of the most accessible sportsbooks around. Their support staff are like-minded gambling enthusiasts, and will answer all questions individually, keeping your experience smooth and worry-free.

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With competitive odds, made and maintained by gamblers for gamblers, Nitrogen Sports has become a real hot-spot in the online gambling world. Their friendly interface and a variety of betting options is a winning combination.

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