Would you bet on Chelsea losing to Arsenal?

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As we get closer to the end of the season, each and every match of the leading sides gets more and more important. The impact of this multiplies when two of the teams face each other, and this is exactly what happens on Sunday, when Chelsea host Arsenal.

Chelsea’s 4-4 draw with Tottenham on Wednesday was an extremely entertaining match. Still, while all who support (or work for) Tottenham went home with a smile smeared on their faces, Avram Grant knew that the draw puts a huge dent in Chelsea’s title aspirations. He is well aware to his promise to play in a much more attractive style than his predecessor, but when this comes on the expense of silverware — it will not be acceptable by Roman Abramovic.

Arsenal are on a run of four draws in a raw, and this took them from a 5 points lead at the head of the table, to 2nd place, allowing Manchester United to storm forward. This is a huge test for Arsene Wenger and his youngsters as anything but a win will send the out crashing from the title race.

In such cases, most people tend to bet on the draw result. After all, too many of this kind of matches provided a very cautious style of football and when both sides are not trying their best to win — no wonder it ends in a draw. This is exactly what we see when we look at the way the BetUknow community look at this match, as almost 35% of them suggest a draw is in orders, and the rest split almost evenly between Chelsea and Arsenal. The interesting fact is that the 10 top predictors of Chelsea suggest that despite playing in Stamford Bridge, Grant is going to come out as loser from this match. It’s quite a risky prediction, but I guess they are not Chelsea’s top predictors for nothing…

All in all, Chelsea do not look strong enough to win this, as they tend to fail in their important matches. Can Arsenal take advantage of Chelsea’s fragility? Well, only time can tell…

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