WATCH: Shocking Footage of Crowd Brawl at West Ham vs Chelsea EPL Match

chelsea fan crowd brawl
chelsea fan crowd brawl

A crowd brawl took place before the West Ham vs Chelsea match in the English Premier League on Sunday. A Chelsea fan, who was reportedly giving it large, approached an older West Ham fan in a provocative manner. However, the situation took a violent turn when a younger West Ham fan stepped in and punched the Chelsea fan, causing him to hit the ground.

EPL Crowd Fight Leads to Chelsea Fan in Wheelchair

A Chelsea fan learned a valuable lesson on Sunday at an EPL game at the London Stadium: “Defend yourself at all times.” This common phrase in boxing could have been useful for the fan before the Chelsea vs West Ham match.

The Chelsea fan appeared to provoke an older West Ham fan by approaching him, shouting, and standing with his arms by his side and his chin in the air. Meanwhile, a younger West Ham fan was preparing to attack and delivered a swift right to the jaw, resulting in a knockout.

As the Chelsea fan lay motionless on the ground, West Ham fans chanted “Irons! Irons! Irons!”, showing their support for their team and the fan who landed the haymaker. The nickname “Irons” is a reference to the club’s origins as a team of workers at the Thames Ironworks.

The Chelsea fan later reappeared in a wheelchair with a bloody lip, and clips of the fight from multiple angles soon surfaced on social media. This incident has once again brought attention to the issue of hooliganism in soccer, a problem that has plagued Chelsea in the past.

Hooliganism Still a Problem in EPL?

Hooliganism has long been a problem in English soccer, and Chelsea has had its fair share of incidents. The club has faced criticism and fines for the actions of its supporters in the past, including racist chanting and violence. However, the sport has made great strides in recent years to combat hooliganism, and the vast majority of matches are now played in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Despite the progress that has been made, remnants of hooliganism still remain. The recent brawl in West Ham vs Chelsea is a reminder that the sport still has a long way to go to completely eradicate the problem.

The Premier League and the clubs themselves have implemented various measures to combat hooliganism, including strict security measures, increased fines and bans for those involved in violence and disorder, and education programs for young fans. However, it’s clear that more needs to be done to stamp out the problem completely.

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