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United Football Review



United Football is a Flash online football game created by Staggan. It is a very interesting game with very simple graphics and very simple keys; just like in any third-person game. You can create a player and buy skill, accuracy, speed, strength, fitness and coolness for your player for United Football dollars (UF$) you make as you play. You can change the way your player looks and start playing.

United Football is a very simple game since it is based on football, so the point is to simply score goals anyways. The game itself is very easy. Well, that will be a generalisation. Let me explain: the ball sticks to your feet if you have the ball, intercepting a ball is made very easy, so is intercepting a ball with a kick, heading, curling a shoot, etc. Whereas tackling is kind of tricky but it is ok since the yellow card on fouls only last five seconds. Although you can’t move much in those five seconds.

Other than tackling, the game will get a bit too realistic for some of you since it is kind of hard to beat the goalkeeper because you start off with a level zero player. In the beginning you will find it hard to get a shoot on target, hit a powerful shoot, play an accurate ball, sprint for long enough and things like that. It will be kind of like the Be A Pro seasons in FIFA (without the high-end graphics).

All in all, a fun little game to play if you have some time to kill.

Soccerlens Rating: 6/10.