TopEleven Review: Be A Football Manager

Soccer is a sport loved by many. Despite having such a large following, there are those that have questioned which sport is better: soccer or American football? Thanks to the developers with Top Eleven, we don’t have to debate it anymore. Top Eleven’s informative and creative new video breaks down all the facts and shows the world which sport really is superior.

Connected by the same name, the two sports have very few similarities. Soccer boasts 3.5 billion fans. Compared to American football’s 400 million fans, our sport wins hands down. Now, while most NFL games have a great attendance record, soccer is played in the biggest stadiums in the world. Barcelona is home to the largest soccer stadium in the world with enough seats to house the population of Liechtenstein not just once, but twice.

Everyone knows soccer players play for longer amounts of time. In fact, during a game of American football, the ball is only in play for 18.3 percent of the time. This is unlike a game of soccer, where the players are active for a large majority of the game. This is probably why they are higher paid. For example, soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete in the world.

The video does more than compare the business aspect of the sports. It also takes a look at the fundamentals of each game. Soccer players kick the ball farther than a football player can throw the ball. They also must run faster and longer.

So, this video proves what we have known all along. Soccer is superior. From a larger fan base and profits to faster and longer games, the video puts to rest the debate between soccer and American football.

Top Eleven produced this video as part of promotion for their new app, which allows users to create and manage their very own football team. More information is available on their website,

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