Shaedon Sharpe Drops Dunk Of The Season Contender On Kyle Kuzma

Shaedon Sharpe dunk
Shaedon Sharpe dunk

With the NBA Dunk Contest just days away, we may have witnessed one of the dunks of the year from Shaedon Sharpe of the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night.

The entire basketball world were left speechless after Portland rookie Shaedon Sharpe rose to another planet and destroyed Kyle Kuzma with a monster dunk deep in the third quarter of the Trail Blazers’ loss to the Wizards.

After pump faking a three in the corner, Sharpe drove at Kuzma who was left flapping at the rim as Sharpe rose a good foot above his opponent and slammed the ball down with authority. Sharpe got up so high he even hit his head on the bottom of the backboard which shows just how incredible the 19-year old’s jump really was.

Unfortunately for the league and the fans, the Portland rookie will not be featuring in this years dunk contest, as he chose to withdraw from the competition to focus on the second half of the season with the Trail Blazers.

The NBA world was sent into a spiral of emotions after the dunk, with many left disappointed that Sharpe decided to pull out of the dunk contest this season.

The Ringer’s founder Bill Simmons led the calls for Sharpe to come back to the dunk contest after the game:

“No Shaedon Sharpe at the dunk contest is the dumbest thing ever. Seriously what the hell are we doing?”

Sports presenter Brenna Greene wrote: “#1 take way from the Blazers tonight: I will spend that next nine days irrationally upset that Shaedon Sharpe isn’t in the dunk contest.”

The four stars competing in the dunk contest this weekend were announced on Tuesday night, with Jericho Sims of the New York Knicks taking Shaedon Sharpe’s place.

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