How Much Is Amazon Paying To Broadcast The First NFL Black Friday Game?

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Amazon is paying a substantial amount to broadcast the first NFL Black Friday game as the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins go head-to-head.

How Much Is Amazon Paying To Broadcast The NFL Black Friday Game?

This year, we have a Black Friday game in the NFL for the very first time and e-commerce giants Amazon are paying $100 million to stream the game live from MetLife Stadium.

Just a day after the NFL Thanksgiving Day games, we’ll be treated to this one of a kind encounter on Prime Video which is set to bring in a monumental amount of subscriptions.

Turkey Day games have been some of the NFL’s most successful broadcasts. Last year when the Dallas Cowboys hosted the New York Giants, over 42 million people tuned in making it the most-watched regular season game ever.

Viewership is at an all time high for the league and it has quickly established itself as the dominant force in American sports and they’ve decided to attack a new market.

Historically, the NFL has never done a Black Friday game because this day is usually known for the public to do some early Christmas shopping and snap up a few bargains.

The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 also prohibits NFL games from being scheduled past 6pm EST on Fridays and all day long on Saturdays in order to protect high school and college football attendance.

The league has cut a corner here by scheduling Jets vs Dolphins at 3pm, but when Amazon offer you $100 million to broadcast the match-up it was likely an offer they couldn’t refuse.

How Much Does An Advertisement Cost On NFL Black Friday?

Amazon have been streaming Thursday Night Football games since 2021, paying approximately $1 billion per year for the exclusive rights on a ten-year deal starting in 2023.

Their first Thursday Night Football broadcast generated more Prime sign-ups than any other three-hour window in company history and they’re also set to charge twice as much for 30-second ad placements on Black Friday.

On TNF, ad placements cost a reported $440,000 – and Amazon are charging an incredible $880,000 for the service on Friday.

Users won’t even have to be signed up to Prime to watch Jets vs Dolphins this Friday, in a genius marketing scheme from Amazon which will see record-breaking numbers of traffic on their platform on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Last year Amazon made $12.3 billion on Black Friday and they could eclipse that number this time around by getting fans of the sport to stay home and shop online instead of heading elsewhere for their deals.

What Are Amazon’s NFL Black Friday Advertisements?

During the Jets-Dolphins game, Amazon will roll out a new ad strategy called ‘audience-based creative’ which will allow brands to target different audiences in the same slot.

Bose are reported to be showing three ads using this technology, including one featuring Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow which will be shown to non-Prime members and two others which will be broadcast to subscribers based on their Amazon Prime search history.

These targeted ads are also shoppable, meaning consumers on Black Friday and place the products shown in the ad in their shopping baskets with a tap of their screen and checkout without leaving the Jets-Dolphins broadcast.

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