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What’s the one thing that betting companies lack when considering both their new and seasoned members? While they’ve certainly enough odds and systems to make a camel’s head spin, they all individually lack togetherness. What I mean by this is a way to pool knowledge and experience between bettors in order to collectively improve their chances of coming away with the cash. Sure, the bookies don’t want to be too helpful! But that’s where comes in.

Not only a fully functioning betting platform, FanBet is the only website that centres on ‘copying winning players’ and benefitting from tips and knowledge from those in the know. We’ve all been dissuaded one way or another during school days from looking over mates’ shoulders during tests and exams – but we’re adults now, and guess what? Copying is allowed again! And this time, copying could well get you hard cash.

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FanBet simulates a realistic day at the bookies each week, using credits instead of your cash. The reason for this is for players to accumulate points for winning bets, which in turn (when pooled all together) provides a unique betting map or guide for anyone looking for weekly tips to see how successful bettors operate during the season.

In a word, this simulation can show everyone the way to make money at the bookmakers. Oh, and the top ten points getters every betting week will share a cash prize from FanBet. Not bad for a 100% free website, with money only ever coming to you, not the other way around.

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After flying through a quick sign-up, helped by Facebook, with simply your email address, country and favourite team needed manually before you’re good to go, you’ll be ready for the fun stuff.

Hit the ‘Tips’ button, and you’ll be shown the FanBet players with the highest win percentages in the FanPlay league. By following them – another easy process – you’ll be notified whenever these seasoned vets place a bet, as well as their complete betting history in the game.

Follow ten of them and watch them play their hand before a betting week, then you can judge whether it’s right to throw your own hat in the ring for real. Or the pitch, but mind not to unsight Pepe Reina à la Beachball-gate!


Minimalist and easy to operate, FanBet prides itself on being the only betting website of its kind; and the rewards for successful punters are clear to see. Could this be the bset kept betting secret on the web?

Along with Tips and FanPlay, FanBet has three other subsections, with Matches the first in line. Providing a comprehensive fixture list, as well as the most up-to-date Premier League standings, actual bets can be placed in this section, with FanBet taking your pick from any of the top flight matches and revealing the best possible bet from the countries most respected bookies.

These are found in the Odds section, with the last being Chats, where like minded football and betting enthusiasts can while away the time sharing and helping each other get that extra bit ahead of the game.

So not only is FanBet primed to send you into battle with tips galore, it also highlights the best route for you to take towards your ultimate cash pay-out. Once again, not too shabby for a 100% free site!

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I myself decided to take a punt for real after looking at the FanPlay leaders, with a Manchester United v West Brom draw and a Watford away win at high flying Leicester my two flutters after fireworks night in the UK! FanBet pointed me towards Bet365 with their £200 free bet for new customers.

Watch me rake in the cash and shoot up the FanPlay leaderboard!

Check out today!

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