Colby Covington Net Worth, Career Earnings & Endorsement Deals: ‘Chaos’ Fortune Estimated At $4 Million

Colby Covington UFC - (photo: IMAGN)
Colby Covington UFC - (photo: IMAGN)

Colby Covington is a American MMA superstar, who has become one of the biggest stars in the UFC in the past few years. Here at SportsLens, we have decided to take an in-depth look at the career of the former interim champion ‘Chaos’. This includes Covington’s net worth, career earnings and endorsements.

Colby Covington Net Worth Surpasses $4 Million Mark

In the aftermath of the UFC 296 main event, here at SportsLens we have decided to take an in-depth look at Colby Covington’s net worth, career earnings and endorsement deals. Colby Covington’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $4 million.

The 35-year-old is worth an absolute fortune and is one of the biggest names in the sport of MMA right now. Despite never actually winning the full UFC Title, ‘Chaos’ is one of the most devise and talked about characters in the sport of MMA. He has massive appeal, from both a supporting fanbase and haters.

Celebrity Net Worth now estimates his net worth to be at least $4 million, based on his lifetime earnings. Covington has had a decent career so far, winning plenty of big fights, but never leaping the final hurdle to become the UFC champion.

Covington went into the Leon Edwards fight at UFC 296 as an underdog with the best UFC betting apps. The US sportsbooks were right to make him an underdog too, with ‘Chaos’ losing in what turned out to be a totally one-sided affair against Leon Edwards.

Over the last 11 years as a professional, Covington’s main source of income has been as a mixed martial artist. More about Covington’s career earnings later in this article.

Colby’s net worth has also been heavily enhanced through ventures outside of the octagon too. His other main earners outside of MMA come through his various endorsements. Again, more on that later.

Colby Covington net worth figure according to Celebrity Net Worth

Colby Covington Career Earnings

Ever since Covington signed for the UFC, he has gradually earned more money as his career has progressed. It is unknown exactly how much ‘Chaos’ made in his first few UFC fights, but he has certainly made some lucrative purses in his last 10 fights in the UFC.

The California-born MMA phenom made his first six-figure purse at UFC 225 back in June 2018. Covington fought Rafael dos Anjos, and earned a reported purse of $380,000 for his unanimous decision victory over the former champion.

Covington made another six-figures in his next fight, with a $230,000 purse against Robbie Lawler. For his first shot at UFC gold, ‘Chaos’ earned a purse of $580,000 against Kamaru Usman. He lost the fight, but beat former champion Tyrone Woodley next, earning $230,000 in the process.

His second shot at the title came at UFC 268, again an underdog with the best UFC betting sites, losing to Usman for a second time. However, despite losing the fight, Covington pocketed around $632,000 for the fight. His third title shot earned Covington a reported $782k, despite losing to Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

The biggest purse of Colby Covington’s career came two fight ago against Jorge Masvidal. The 1988-born fighter earned his first seven figure paycheque for the bout, taking home a reported $1,061,000 for his unanimous decision victory against ‘Gamebred’.

Just inside the octagon and in his career as a professional fighter, Colby Covington has earned a total of $4,399,000 million according to MMA Salaries. This of course includes his earnings prior to joining the UFC as well.

More about Colby Covington’s outside of the octagon earnings next.

Colby Covington UFC Earnings (Last 10):

Fight Fight Purse
Covington vs Edwards – UFC 296 $782,000
Covington vs Masvidal – UFC 272 $1,061,000
Covington vs Usman 2 – UFC 268 $632,000
Covington vs Woodley – UFC Fight Night $310,000
Covington vs Usman – UFC 245 $580,000
Covington vs Lawler – UFC Fight Night $230,000
Covington vs dos Anjos – UFC 225 $380,000
Covington vs Maia – UFC Fight Night $83,000
Covington vs Kim – UFC Fight Night $71,000
Covington vs Barberena – UFC Fight Night $59,000

Colby Covington career earnings info per

Colby Covington Endorsement Deals

Colby Covington UFC - (photo: IMAGN)

Another reason that Colby Covington has a net worth of $4 million and has earned upward of $4.3 million in his career is due to the fact he has various sponsors.

Besides his earnings in the UFC, Covington also earns a lucrative sum of money outside of the octagon too. He has various different sponsors who are on board the Covington hype-train, as well as the standard promotional benefits from UFC fight gear of course.

The California man is endorsed by the likes of MyBookie, Reebok, Venom, Alienware, Bang Energy and Cannafornia CBD (source:

Given his rise to fame and immense success in the cage in such a short period of time, Colby Covington has a list of sponsors queuing up to get on board with him. It is unknown exactly how much his endorsement deals are worth, but it is certainly a lucrative sum of money.

All of these sponsors, along with his earnings outside of the octagon are all huge factors in the growth of Colby Covington’s net worth.

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