Chicago Fire Home Game vs. Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami to Create 43% More Revenue Than Other 16 Home Games Combined

Lionel Messi Is The Most Marketable Player In The World
Lionel Messi Is The Most Marketable Player In The World

The unprecedented impact of Lionel Messi’s arrival in Major League Soccer (MLS) is nowhere more evident than in the upcoming match between the Chicago Fire and Inter Miami. The revenue for this single game is expected to be in the region of  a staggering $10 million, largely thanks to the magnetic draw of Messi’s presence on the pitch. This figure is all the more remarkable when contrasted with the Chicago Fire’s total home game revenue for the rest of the season, which is estimated at $7 million.

The “Messi Effect” has not only boosted ticket sales but has also brought international attention and investment into the MLS. This particular game, thanks to Messi’s participation, is expected to bring a remarkable 43% increase in revenue compared to the rest of the Chicago Fire’s home games this season combined.

Beyond the Game: A League-Wide Impact

Messi’s impact isn’t confined to a single game or team. His signing has had a ripple effect, affecting several spheres of the American soccer landscape.

1. Ticket Sales & Game Day Revenue:

Most MLS teams hosting Miami are witnessing significant upticks in game-day revenue. Chicago Fire’s ticket sales for the game against Inter Miami skyrocketed from 8,000 to over 40,000 within hours of Messi’s announcement, and the revenue is expected to reach up to $10 million.

2. Media and Viewership:

Apple announced record viewership for three games the week of Messi’s debut, indicating an increased engagement with the sport. Social media numbers are soaring, with Messi’s debut last-minute free-kick winner against Cruz Azul drawing hundreds of millions of views.

3. Merchandising:

Messi’s jerseys are selling out, with Adidas, who inked a lifetime contract with Messi in 2017, reporting “incredible demand.”

4. Partnerships and Sponsorships:

Brands like Hard Rock Casino and Budweiser have launched new campaigns, while the partnership between Messi and Apple has been highly visible. The synergies between global brands and one of the biggest sports figures are creating unprecedented marketing opportunities.

The Opportunity Beyond Revenue

For teams like Chicago Fire, the game against Inter Miami presents an opportunity to revitalize fan interest. After a decline in engagement, this marquee event offers a chance to win back fans and introduce the sport to new audiences.

Similarly, other teams like Atlanta United and Charlotte FC are seizing the moment, opening up larger seating capacities and enjoying significant revenue increases for hosting Inter Miami.

Even those teams that may not see a single-game revenue increase view the event as an advertisement for their team, enhancing their brand visibility and creating a lasting impression on the broader fan base.

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