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Arsenal vs Tottenham vs Liverpool – who got the better striker?



Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool have all signed strikers this summer (already!) and there is considerable debate about whether each striker is suitable to the ambitions of the buying club.

A quick fact check, then:

Arsenal sign Eduardo Da Silva – for around 7.5m (not 16m as mentioned elsewhere) and have a record goalscorer (albeit in the Croatian league) on the books.

Arsenal fans are excited because this is an out-of-the-blue signing, classic Wenger, and because the striker is genuinely talented.

Tottenham sign Darren Bent – for 13.5m (not 16.5m) and have a striker with Premiership experience, goalscoring capabilities and a lot of ambition.

Tottenham fans are happy because they have a proven goalscorer on the books to replace Mido, and because Bent’s goals matched with a better defense could give them the ammo for a serious challenge for fourth spot.

Liverpool sign Fernando Torres – for 26.5m (they send Luis Garcia back for 3.5m though) and have a striker with considerable experience in dealing with pressure, a helluva lot of talent and potential and he’ll see shirts, too.

Liverpool fans are thrilled that they finally have the financial muscle to bring in world-class players and (this is my guess) that they’ve signed a player Manchester United were supposedly after for the last two years.

Each fan – whether they support Arsenal, Tottenham or Liverpool – will think their club has got the better deal (and will argue for it), but let’s be honest and objective. Who made the better signing?

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