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Arsenal vs Bolton – bravado, Henry, Kroenke, Myles and a lot of love



Arsenal’s season has reached a point where instead of making fun of them, you start pitying them.

So when Wenger says that he doesn’t fear a challenge from Bolton for 4th place, you have to shake your head and wonder what Wenger is trying – this is not the time for bravado, it’s the time to bust chops on the training ground, ignore the media for a while, dig deep and get that siege mentality going.

I like Bolton mainly because of Kevin Nolan, so I’d like to see them win against Arsenal. In the grand scheme of things, I really couldn’t be bothered.

Arsenal’s season is over and they need to go away in the summer and rebuild. Bolton have done well this season but they know that they lack in defence (and need another player in midfield as well) and they have plenty of rebuilding to do as well.

Who will win? My money’s on Arsenal, but if this season has to really implode, Arsenal will probably lose their second consecutive game at the Emirates.

Then again, Arsenal need to start winning again so they can beat Chelsea 🙂

On a side note, why is Henry staying at Arsenal? Arsenal made a mistake last season in not selling them, and the last season has taken 10m of his asking price. Next summer, he might lose another 5m of his price.

A 10m in one season, with nothing to show for it – how does Wenger justify that?

Continuing on the Arsenal coverage, here’s a look at Stanley Kroenke from the Guardian Sports Blog.

And Myles Palmer is now Wenger’s greatest critic. What did they say about hate? Someone you love but no longer believe in?

Poor Myles, poor Arsenal.