Arsenal v Liverpool Preview – will Liverpool play for another draw?

The following article refers to an older game – for the upcoming Arsenal-Liverpool game, click here.

A lot was said regarding Arsenal’s and Liverpool’s three consecutive matches. After all, two of English football giants clash in three extremely important matches, so there is no doubt we are to face high pace and tense matches.

And this line of thought continued up to the point when Dirk Kuyt squeezed in Liverpool’s equalizer. Not only that this goal was exactly what Liverpool wanted, it came for the worst time for Arsenal — only three minutes after they finally managed to catch Liverpool defense napping. The impact of the equalizing goal cancelled any chance to that “high pace and tense” mentioned only a paragraph ago, as Liverpool shifted to an ultra defensive style, while it took Arsenal more than 30 minutes to recover and put any threat on Liverpool’s goal.

From the 65th minute, only the optimistic spectators believed Arsenal would emerge as winners from this, as frustration grew bigger. Liverpool were just too happy with the draw and when such a talented squad focus on not-conceding, you can bet that, in most cases, they will manage to do so. A 1-1 draw was the final result in a match with no pace and no tension…

Lucky for us, the 2nd match between these two in a regular Premiership match, and getting all three points is extremely important for both clubs.

Arsenal’s amazing 3-2 comeback kept their title race alive, but they have to keep winning while hoping Manchester United slips. I admit, I find it hard to see it happen, but maybe United crumble under the pressure Arsenal will pose on them. That is why The Gunners will have to push forward, as anything but a win is not acceptable.

The good news is that Liverpool, for a change, will also have to go for the win if they wish to keep safe distance from Everton. A draw will not be a bad result, but it is not good enough to justify a man-behind-the-ball game plan. This makes us think that we will witness a much better game, where Arsenal will be able to take advantage of Liverpool’s offensive orientation.

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