Crazy Arsenal fan burns his Adebayor shirt

Emmanuel Adebayor evokes some interesting emotions wherever he goes. From his goal-scoring exploits for Arsenal to back-to-back interviews where he pledged allegiance to Arsenal before flirting with Barcelona, to his quite obvious Milan fantasy to his bumper contract at Arsenal to a move to Manchester the next summer, Adebayor had already entertained and infuriated Arsenal fans.

But then came last Saturday when, in-between his clashes with Fabregas, Song and RVP, he scored a goal for City and then proceeded to run the full length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the visiting Arsenal supporters.

There has been plenty of debate on the matter – here and elsewhere. Suffice to say that both the fans (who can dish it out but can’t take it) and Adebayor (whose lack of class while as an Arsenal player and now as a Manchester City player is disappointing) are in the wrong here.

But what’s most interesting is how this Arsenal fan reacted to Adebayor’s antics from Saturday – we’re used to people burning effigies of politicians and what not, but as Andrew demonstrates, burning the shirt of a footballer who has betrayed your club is just as satisfying.

Take a look: Arsenal fan burns Adebayor Shirt.