Who Will Chelsea Buy (and Sell) Next?

Jose Mourinho’s statement yesterday (that Chelsea will be bringing in just one more player this summer) will inevitably lead to a lot of speculation on who will be Chelsea’s next left-back (as that is the one place in which the club need strengthening the most).

However, for me there’s another matter to be considered – as Mourinho has also said that only one more player would leave, the question now is that who will this player be and how will this impact who Chelsea buy this summer.

Del Horno is the latest player to be tipped to leave Chelsea, with Valencia and Athletic Bilbao both after his signature. However, there are the Duff rumours to consider as well, and while the world waits a final decision on the appeals from the Serie A match scandal, Crespo could be on the move as well.

The player coming in will be definitely a left-back, and it depends whether it is Roberto Carlos, Ashley Cole or Zambrotta. Chelsea have already bid for Zambrotta, although Madrid are favourites to sign him. Arsenal do not want to sell Ashley Cole and would especially be against selling Cole to a rival – in all likelihood the Gunners would prefer signing a defender first before selling Cole, so watching their transfer dealings would be useful as well.

Roberto Carlos? Ok you’ve got to be joking if you think Mourinho will buy him. The guy is good, but he’s old and past his prime. No good. Another possibility is Phillip Lahm, although the lack of rumours suggest otherwise.

So who do you think Chelsea will sell – Del Horno, Duff or Crespo?

And which left back will Chelsea buy – Cole, Carlos or Zambrotta?