Conflicting News About Duff From Chelsea and Tottenham

There have been conflicting news reports coming out of Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane regarding Tottenham’s bid for the Chelsea winger.

Here’s what I know for sure:

– Tottenham are willing to pay 10 mil in order to ensure that Duff plays for them next year.

– Tottenham will have to finance the deal by selling one of their players – Defoe being the most likely option.

– Chelsea have already rejected a 5-7 mil bid by Tottenham and have asked for double that amount.

– Manchester United are NOT going to hijack the deal.

Now the conflicting bits are these:

– Some reports say that Mourinho has offered Duff an extension to his current contract (but at lower wages) and that he wants him to stay.

– Other reports are saying that Chelsea want to get rid of Duff – something that I find hard to believe.

– Some people have said that Tottenham do not have to sell in order to buy Duff but seeing how they have already racked up 20 mil worth of transfers, it seems that one sale would be necessary.

The real question is – does Duff really want to leave Chelsea and miss out on the Champions League in exchange for being guaranteed better wages and a guaranteed first-11 place?

Duff’s departure would make life easier for Robben and SWP, both of whom will get more starting opportunities. For SWP especially, this move will be a godsend.

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